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Sunday, April 11, 2021
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Saving Power at home

Almost every person learned about energy sources at school. Some of the sources are renewable† some are not. But one fact is important. We are all faced with energy crisis and we all have to be worried about that.

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We have to think how many electrical devices do we have in our houses. A lot. All these devices use a great amount of electricity. What can we do to change this disturbing situation? We can save power in our houses! How?

COMPUTERS: Our computers and monitors usually stay turned on when we are not at home. Why? We donít think of that. It is not difficult to switch off monitors and computers when going out. This should be done when we leave our work as well. This will save a little power wonít it?

LIGHT BULBS: There are compact fluorescent light (CFL) that we can use instead of regular bulbs. These CFL bulbs are power saving bulbs and donít worry if you think they are more expensive than regular ones. CFL bulbs last longer than regular so they are more profitable and what is the most important thing you will save power. Think of that. Is it true? You can try them and you will see.

AIR-CONDITIONER: This appliance shouldnít be turned on to the maximum low temperature for cooling or otherwise to the maximum high temperature when heating. This will increase energy consumption. Donít do that! Set your air-conditioner to minimum low or minimum high temperature and you will save a plenty of energy.

WASHING MACHINES: Very often we use our washing machines when they are not full loaded with clothes because we canít wait to fill them. Absolutely wrong. If you use washing machine only when full loaded with clothes you will decrease the number of washing. Thus you will save a lot of energy.

TELEVISIONS: The same thing as with computers. Often turned on and noone watches it. When you are leaving room switch it off. It is very easy and saves power. Donít forget it.

REFRIGERATORS: Sometimes we put our food into refrigerator even when it is not cooled. Then the refrigerator uses much energy to cool food. Leave your food to cool down before putting it into refrigerator. This will save a great amount of power as well.

There are so many examples what we can do to save energy. We just have to keep in our minds that world is dealing with energy crisis and we can help to reduce power usage.

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