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Monday, December 6, 2021
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Soundproofing Materials for Your Home Improvement Ideas

I want so badly to preface all of this and all my attitudes against noise with an apology, a disclaimer, but I can’t. I just can’t. We have too much frickin fracken noise in our homes that i have to come up with unique home improvement ideas.

We have so much advertising, car-honking, yelling, boom-box ghetto blaster low-rider bass pumping in our heads that we cannot filter it all out sufficiently and, I theorize—are getting sick, are developing illness in response to the inability to fight off this cacophony of pollution. In fact, I may not be so wrong: in most major cities or highly-trafficked areas, there are now noise pollution laws. In my area on the west coast, for example, it is an infraction to play one of those obnoxious car stereos louder than those homes, 35 feet away can hear. But does that stop the clueless or wannabes from invasively selfishly egotistically bleating their sheep sounds as if we all are impressed or accept the inclusion into their heinous worlds? No. So the solution, I decided, was to get some good soundproofing materials as one of my home improvement ideas. I remembered being fascinated by the egg cartons my roommates had gathered from their job at the restaurant: egg cartons on every one of the four walls acted as perfect soundproofing materials that not only kept the sound from even peeping outside that spare bedroom door but if you were on the inside kept the outside sounds from creeping in . Completely 100% effective sound-proofing materials. But since I hadn’t worked at that restaurant for years and would have to eat bushels of eggs to collect enough egg cartons, I figured I’d price soundproofing materials for my home improvement ideas as they were designed and crafted for such purposes as locking out the outside world. I guess I was so stoned on aggravation that I forgot the many rock stars and wannabe rock stars, and didn’t consider that they (along with construction workers, homebuilders and owners, and others) would have far superior options…and many options at that. There is soundproofing for schools and gymnasiums, gun ranges, doctors’ offices, clinics, nurseries, libraries, homeowners’ homes near airports, and many more. And some of the soundproofing materials for my home improvement ideas I discovered are some of the most scientifically correct and technically thorough and complete systems around! One system alone, for example (which I found at, includes eleven layers of ingredients to contribute to the soundproofing materials package—eleven!—including Gypsum ceiling board, closed cell foam, cut wool fibers, padding tape, resilient metal channels, joist bottoms, the existing ceiling/floor structure (in the center of all), dimpled sub-flooring, mass-loaded vinyl, carpet padding, and carpet. Now, if my home improvement ideas on Soundproofing materials don’t knock out the grunts and uhhuhs and honks of passive aggressive driversFree Articles, nothing short of moving to another (uninhabited) planet will do the trick.

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Muna wa Wanjiru is a Web Administrator and has been researching and reporting on Internet Marketing for years. For more information on home improvement ideas, visit his site at Home Improvement

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