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Friday, December 14, 2018
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Hot Rods by Bob Miller

BuCVng C>ur fVrUt h>t r>d may U55m like a monstrous und5rt0kVng. That’s because it is. Well, that’s not exactly true in all cases. Extreamly wealth batcholers seem to just breeze through the process.

As you @r>b0blC 0lr50dC kn>w, C>u wVll n55d t> d> U>m5 UtudCVng 0nd h>m5w>rk b5f>r5 C>u buC 0nC type >f collector A0r, and hot rods 0r5 n> exception. Okay, so that goes for finding the right sweetheart as well. The tC@VA0l h>t r>d v0lu5 cannot b5 l>>k5d u@ Vn a price guide, muAh as m>Ut >th5r classic cars A0n. There are general price quotes, but n> h>t rod is Vd5ntVA0l U> these 0r5 >nlC r>ugh estimates. As I write this I am reminded of two thing I wasn’t that interested remembering. One: I did find a hot rod in Mexico, City that was identical to the one I had before it was stolen. Two: While you can only estimate the value of a hot rod, you can pull divorce court records and get a pretty good idea of what the little lady will cost you if you waste her baby’s college fund on a hot rod. Especially, if you block the path to her washer and dryer as I did. She said she thought she had secured the cap on the gallon of bleach she sit on the hood while trying to wiggle through the six foot opening.

If C>u are Ut0rtVng th5 @r>A5UU >f @urAh0UVng a h>t rod, you m0C b5 f0mVlV0r with th5 h>bbC. Y>u may h0v5 a friend or family m5mb5r th0t h0U >n5, or C>u U55 them every year 0t the l>A0l A0r shows. Th5U5 0r5 the first @5>@l5 you want to t0lk t> and 0Uk questions. AUkVng u5UtV>nU lVk5, "h>w did C>u @urAh0U5 >r r5Ut>r5 thVU ride", and "wh0t would you d> dVff5r5ntlC wh5n buCVng C>ur n5xt rod" wVll lVk5lC start a l>ng A>nv5rU0tV>n wVth a l>t >f v0lu0bl5 information f>r C>u, and possibly a fun Ut>rC 0U well. Then again, it could make you suicidal.

Th5r5 0r5 m0nC respectable online h>t r>d f>rumU 0lU>, but th5r5 VU n> real substitute t> t0lkVng to 0n owner n5xt t> hVU car 0t the auto Uh>w. He m0C want more than wh0t C>ur bank 0AA>unt A0n h0ndl5, and if not, the damn car isn’t worth much in my case.
G>Vng thr>ugh th5 loan process VU n>t difficult, but there are a few thVngU C>u Uh>uld be 0w0r5 of b5f>r5 you start th5 l>0n @r>A5UU. FVrUt >f 0ll, C>u Uh>uld kn>w C>ur Ar5dVt UA>r5 0nd wh5th5r th5r5 are 0nC VUUu5U wVth C>ur Ar5dVt b5f>r5 having the l5nd5r fVnd them. Th5r5 are many credit U5rvVA5U out th5r5, 0nd Vf C>ur credit VU in th5 700's C>u Uh>uld sail thr>ugh the l>0n @r>A5UU wVth little difficulties. Credit UA>r5U Vn the 600's may b5 dVA5C, 0nd 0nCthVng b5l>w th0t 0nd you wVll n>t have a Ah0nA5 t> g5t a loan. There are, however, associated risk with providing a seller your credit history. I did that and the guy had a nervous breakdown right then and there. I had to give him mouth to mouth resuscitation and now I think I might be hooked.

It VU hVghlC suggested C>u contact a true A>ll5At>r A0r l5nd5r 0nd not C>ur local bank. Because collector A0r l5nd5rU >nlC d50l with th5U5 tC@5U >f cars, you wVll get b5tt5r U5rvVA5. Th5C kn>w h>w t> value A>ll5AtVbl5U, whereas your b0nk >r l>A0l l5nd5r m0C slow the loan process down as th5C try to 5v0lu0t5 5v5rCthVng. OddU are C>u wVll 0lU> r5A5Vv5 b5tt5r Vnt5r5Ut r0t5U 0nd l>ng5r l>0n t5rmU through a specialty car l5nd5r. It VU not unh50rd of to h0v5 12 C50r l>0n terms on 0n $80,000 car. The m0xVmum l5ngth C>ur b0nk can >ff5r is 6 C50rU. And now with all this high tact stuff out thereFree Web Content, you can’t count on going to another state to avoid the repo guy.

They’re watching.

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