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Sunday, January 19, 2020
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Postal Rates Going Up Again

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Article Title: Postal Rates Going Up Again
Article Author: Rocky Ramsey

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Copyright Date: 2004

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Postal Rates Going Up Again
By Rocky Ramsey

The Postmaster General wants to raise the cost of a first-class
stamp by at least 4 cents. Thankfully he doesn't want to do it
until 2006, but by then he'll probably want more.

The constant raising of stamp prices causes a vicious circle.
The post office raises stamp prices, people find ways to
communicate without sending mail, the post office's budget goes
down and they have to raise prices again. Then the whole thing
starts over again.

I don't know about you, but I hardly ever mail anything anymore.
I've even cut down the number of times I go to the post office
to 2 or 3 times a week. About the only thing I get in the mail
is bills now anyway. Who's in a hurry to see them?

Instead of mailing checks to pay bills, I have as many as I can
paid through my savings account or automatically with a credit
card. It saves me time and money.

Most of the stamps I use are on SASEs (Self-Addressed Stamped
Envelopes) that I include with scripts I send to agents. When
I receive the SASE back, I know it's bad news. I know this
because if it was good news, they would've called me to tell me
about my six-figure advance on my script sale, they wouldn't
have sent me a letter.

I put an article (
I wrote about a phone call I received from a production company
on my website if you'd like to read it. This is closer to what
I would hope would happen, but ... well, just read it for

If you've never gotten a rejection letter from an agent, you
don't know what a treat it is. Here's an example of what to

Dear No-Talent Hack,

I usually have to read at least 30 pages before I get
disgusted with a script. In your case, it only took 5. I
would thank you for saving me time, if those 5 pages hadn't
been so dreadful to read.

Have you considered reading a book on screenwriting?

Not knowing what else to do with it, I tried to line my
birdcage with your screenplay, but it was so bad my parrot
didn't even want to crap on it. In the end I had to send your
script to the dump where this awful thing belongs.

Have a nice day,

Pompous Agent

OkayArticle Submission, so maybe I exaggerated a little. Rejection letters from
agents are rarely this nice.

It just seems that 41 cents to get a letter like this is too much.

The US Postal Service website is located here:

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