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Friday, September 18, 2020
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Characteristic Features of a Linkable Asset in Link Building

In SEO off-page strategies, link building is the most important strategy to have your website on the top of different search engines.

When it comes to link building there are several ways of doing so, like you can create unique and high quality content, then spread this content on several platforms to attract links. This strategy however, is good when it comes to already established blog or website, but new websites or blogs need to adopt a different strategy to collect a huge number of links.

Pertaining to website link building, the concept of linkable assets is a new entry. With this strategy, a website can receive a huge amount of backlinks, with an initial one time only effort. The definition of linkable asset, along with its characteristic features is given below.

Linkable Asset:

†A linkable asset is a piece of content that has the ability to generate a lot of links for your website. This linkable asset can be in the form of infographics, a report, or a review of anything. The features of a linkable asset are:

1. A Broader Market:

The mandatory thing for a linkable asset to succeed is to have massive targeted audience, because an asset with lesser niche market would obviously generate few links, which is not the goal of a linkable asset. A linkable asset should be for all sorts of audience, genders, and demographics. The ways in which you can create a linkable asset for a broader audience are:

∑†††††††† Writing for a specific event that is popular among masses

∑†††††††† Making predictions of the future

∑†††††††† Content catering the trivial needs of everyday life

2. Evergreen:

Another feature of a linkable asset is that it is evergreen, and its importance does not reduce after a specific period of time. Some examples of evergreen linkable content are:

Annual Reports- Which would stay the same in terms of importance, throughout the whole reign they are available on the internet.

Guides- Helping guides to complex processes or machines, the importance of which would increase with passage of time, and not the other way round.

Tools- An evergreen content can be a tool, which you designed for assisting in some internet process, like Google AdWords. Such content will stay evergreen.

3. Branded:

A linkable asset must be a representation of your brand. If it does not represent your brand, then most probably it will not work to the best effect. A linkable asset, when shared will spread the name of your brand. The ways in which you can include the name of your brand in your linkable asset are:

∑†††††††† Create seductive infogrpahics that make the name of your brand stand out in your content.

∑†††††††† Using graphics-based headers is another way of chipping in the name of your brand in the content.

4. Promotable:

A linkable asset must be promotable to the webmasters, because itís the webmasters that provide you with quality links. While promoting your content to webmasters, make sure that it must not have any commercial value. By giving tips about soon to be published content to the webmasters, you can make them link to you as soon as the content gets published.

5. Shareable:

Besides making the linkable asset shareable with share button, the other thing that can get a lot of links is by allowing the content to be embedded, this way the users will share the content on their own website, besides only linking to it.


In short, if you want to get humungous link for your blog or website, then you need to create linkable assetFeature Articles, which must carry the above-mentioned features.

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Alexandra brain is an online internet marketer, blogger, and SEO expert currently working in a US based internet marketing firm, that is providing different services of internet marketing like, link building, PPC Management, SEO services and social media optimization services. Visit our internet marketing blog for more online tips.

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