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Sunday, February 28, 2021
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Coronavirus Outbreak is the Right Time to go Digital : Here’s Why

Amid the coronavirus outbreak, secure your business consistency, keep in touch with your customers, and generate the highest ROI with the best digital marketing company in India. Know the recent economic statistics of the market, the state of the offline market, and in contrast learn how digital marketing can be a savior to your business in this uncertainty. Let not sink your business in the clutter of hopelessness during the lockdown. Get in touch with Digitactix to explore the best possibilities for brand awareness and business growth and let your business soar high.

The world has been experiencing an unprecedented situation with the wake of the coronavirus outbreak. Almost one-third of the population across the globe has to stay home to prevent the attack. As an obvious result the economy has slowed down to a snail’s pace and many of the brands are on the verge of collapse. 

So if you are a businessman, you must be trying to figure out how to deal with the financial crisis. In this post, we will suggest some effective strategies for your brand to cope up with the disruption and remain afloat amid the stormy waves and afterward.


The Challenge is to Survive

Before we delve deep into the matter, let us have some glimpses of the recent economic depression our country is going through. Let us assess the challenge a business is facing to survive in the pandemic. 

  • According to a COVID-19 government response tracker by the University of Oxford, India’s lockdown is among the strictest measures in the world. Although it is good to prevent the spread, it is also upsetting an already frail economy.
  • Earlier in April, a Mumbai-based firm, Acute Ratings & Research Limited estimated that India is doomed to a deficit of almost Rs.35,000 crore per day in the lockdown. Now count the approximate fiscal disaster!
  • Citing information from All Indian Manufacturers' Association, Ravi Venkatesan, Chairman of Global Alliance for Mass Entrepreneurship (GAME), said: "that 19% to 43% of the MSMEs may disappear if the crisis persists for 4 or 8 weeks". This will be due to the cash crisis and lack of workforce as the daily wagers have moved to their villages. 
  • Recently, a decline in GDP for the year to March 2021 of 0.4% to 0.1% respectively, have been predicted by Varma and Kunal Kundu of Societe Generale GSC Pvt. 

So this is how the coronavirus outbreak is slamming down the country’s economy.


Survival of the ‘Wittiest’ 

With the increasing number of infections, there is no certain date for possible relief and return to normal life. Now, only a prudent strategy can save a business from being derailed by the attack. 

In the lock period the outdoor marketing, we all know, is completely paused. On the contrary, with billions of people staying at home all over the world, the digital realm is not locked and that is definitely bliss. So now is the high time to build your brand as a trusted source of information and establish a stable connection with the audience with the help of the best digital marketing companies in India. Indeed, the wittier you are, the more chances your business will have to navigate through the pandemic and thereafter.


Digital Marketing is the only Savior; here’s Why:

In recent times where everyone is stuck in their homes and the market is upset, digital marketing services can be your savior. It is the most remunerative way to showcase your business and create a strong customer base worldwide. Here is why:

  • The main benefit of online marketing at this time is that it does not demand in-person interaction. 
  • You can maintain social distance, promote your brand, and also reach billions of people staying in their homes being glued together in their mobile phones. 
  • Digital marketing provides a better conversion rate to any business and generates up to 2.8 times more revenue with innovative strategies. So the earlier you resolve to internet marketing, the better your business will accumulate wealth.
  • Digital marketing is cost-effective. You don’t even have to spend much on marketing in the lock period and still, you can get a better return.
  • You can respond easily to customer’s queries and problems and cement your relationship with them.
  • This enables your business to sustain and have a widespread recognition amid the pandemic and also benefit later.
  • Many core sectors like healthcare, education, entertainment, etc. are able to continue their businesses and generate huge profits with the help of digital marketing even in this lockdown. 
  • Most of the businesses are opting for continuity through the instrumentality of online marketing like lead generation campaigns, paid advertisements, etc. 

Online marketing is a lot more times better than the classical marketing strategies. So without having a digital presence and following the leading-edge online game-plans, your company will struggle to accumulate new customers, retain existing customers, suffocate company as well as revenue growth, miss out on social selling prospects, end up wasting a lot of money and time and will be demolished in the sea of fast-moving trade.

So the country may be under lockdown, but why let it freeze your business!

Survival Strategies for a Small Business:

Now, to illustrate the concern we have discussed the following strategies of Digital Marketing, which your brand should opt for during the nationwide lock period. Have a look at them.


  • Local SEO:


People nowadays are searching for services near them. So if you optimize your website for local search it will give you high ROI. Additionally, you need to provide impressive service to gain good reviews and attract more people to your business. 

In case you are confused with your business plans and matters of ROI, you can always seek help from the best digital marketing companies in India.


  • Email Marketing:


Emails are able to build brand loyalty if used correctly. There may be people who, due to their busy schedule, we're unable to go through the email newsletters companies used to send. Now they have enough time. So in this lock period, you can plan well to engage with them via emails, send them valuable information, and listen to their feedback. Thus you can gain trust and cement your relationship with a wide range of customers



  • Social Media Exposure : 


The pandemic has compelled people to get accustomed to something unforeseen. People are staying isolated. So their thirst for social interaction is the reason behind the increase in the usage of social media. 

A recent survey reveals that there is an increase of 87% in the usage of social media, as compared to the week before lockdown. So you can take this chance to strengthen your brand’s recognition by creating a productive social media marketing plan with the help of the best social media agencies in Mumbai.



  • Boost your Website’s SERP ranking:


There are a lot of people online these days, so you can take the liberty to attract their attention. Some of your competitors may deviate from doing SEO these days, and you take this chance to strengthen your SERP ranking even more. It is probably the best time for it as there is less competition in the market. 

Remember this ranking will benefit you after everything gets normal. So the gains you make now will last for a long time. 


  • PPC Advertising:


Although others may think it absurd, trust me, this is the best time for PPC advertising. Bring your brand in front of your customers with the help of paid ads so that later, when they think of that particular product, it’s your brand that comes to their mind and they will buy the product from you. 

Wrap up:

So from the above discussion, you can clearly see that although these are very distressing times to market your brand, there are still glimmers of hope for the brands that embrace digital marketing services. 

Switching your marketing efforts to digital during the lockdown will bring you a lot of advantages in comparison to your competitors. Digitactix, as the best social media agency in MumbaiComputer Technology Articles, is privileged to be associated with innumerable brands in the present scenario and help them to strengthen their establishments. The deadlock will soon end and we hope all your efforts will bear fruit. So start strengthening your digital presence by concentrating on business promotion with online marketing. 

Does any of the ideas get you excited and you need help in setting up your online presence? We are the one-stop solution for all your marketing needs. Talk to us about your requirements and discover unique possibilities to expand your business!


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Parth Shah is the man behind the swift and complete SEO efforts offered by Digitactix. Working in close coordination in the team, he has gained the trust of clients from various industries, all thanks to his optimization techniques that have proved to be very effective. Also, his knowledge and expertise have proven to be helpful for other Digitactix services too such as Social Media Marketing.

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