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Friday, January 18, 2019
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Facebook Versus SnapChat: Which One is Better for Branding

The fight between two social media and chatting platforms are on the right track. SnapChat has emerged to provide a fresh air to people who are looking for a platform that can be used for online branding and instant communication. The platform is quite popular in the year 2016 and is hoped to give high competition to Facebook by 2018 with its advanced features. Till then, we have a clear winner and it happens to be Facebook.

It has been a great year for SnapChat. The success of this new-fangled mobile chatting app has made the social network giant to put an eye on its features. Yes, we are talking about Facebook, the undisputed leader in the social networking genre.

Can we conclude and find the ultimate winner that is good for branding and socializing online?

Let is check what SnapChat and Facebook has to offer to claim the title as a "winner".

Round 1: Audience

We may not have the exact statistics with us to make a comparison about the audience for both platforms but we can certainly say that Facebook is the winner in this round with 1.65 billion monthly active users, worldwide. No other social networking platform has emerged to compete and beat this figure yet. SnapChat has only a viewership or audience around 100 million daily users. So, the winner of the first round is Facebook.

Round 2: Youth Appeal

SnapChat got admired for its imposing appeal to the younger users, starting as a fun and instant form of communiqué among teenagers. Even though it has evolved since then, it is still striking for the audience aged 13-24, as it forms 60% of its overall audience. What is more, SnapChat declared that it reaches 41% of all 18 to 34 year olds in the USA on any specified day.

Facebook may be the most well-liked social network, but it seems to lose its plea to the younger audience, and this is mostly credited to the noteworthy rise of the older generations. There has been a 46% augmentation of new Facebook profiles from 2012 to 2015 for the ages of 45-54, while a turn down of 25% has been noted at the same time for the new Facebook profiles of people aged 13-17 in USA. So, the winner of second round is SnapChat.

Round 3: Engagement

SnapChat has managed to generate impressive engagement with transient content, but it is still not easy to punch Facebook, which has turned into an everyday routine for a huge number of its users. According to eMarketer, US adults spend a standard of 22 minutes a day on Facebook, while it is predictable that they will be spending 23 minutes a day by 2018. Rendezvous may be high and it is definitely attributed to the mobile supremacy, but its growth may not be sufficient in the upcoming years. This round goes to Facebook.

Round 4: Authenticity

You don't have to like or even comprehend SnapChat to admit that it brought a new-fangled type of content to social media, with its explosive development being attributed to the amalgamation of creativity, plainness and visual content.

It wouldn't be fair to omit Facebook's own legitimacy back when it started, but as it is directing to a more established status, we will give this round to SnapChat and its endeavor to beat the odds of success at an astoundingly rapid rate.

Round 5: Fun

This is the round where both Facebook and SnapChat are competing hard to find the winner's place. Actually, it is up to the audience and users who have to decide which platform has the requisite ‘fun' element. Many people no longer find Facebook fun. The platform may be informative but it lacks creativity.

Alternatively, SnapChat is trying hard to be taken sincerely, as it is still known as the podium that may turn you into a dog, or swap your face with Leonardo DiCaprio. Lenses have turned out to be very trendy for SnapChat and their unvarying update creates a tendency of trying out the new ones, again, for the sake of fun. SnapChat wins again.

Round 6: Content

Facebook Pages have fashioned the idea of acknowledged content in social media and they have been replicated by many platforms. It is a structured way to allocate content by encouraging users to stay advanced with a brand's news, while Facebook offers quite a few tools to enhance this experience.

However, the platform's monetization has abridged the reach of untreated posts, which means that not anything comes for free any longer and thus, Facebook Pages are not as effectual as they used to be, at least not without paying for publicity.

In contrast, SnapChat wanted to transfigure the idea of recognized content, by encouraging a new set-up of visual content which focuses on the rendezvous with the user, ensuring that the reach is not missed during a customised feed that conceals the content you have liked. Hence, we make Facebook a clear winner in this round.

Other rounds: Video, Instant Communication, Advertising and Chatbots

In most of the rounds, Facebook wins for its user friendly interface, high viewership and smart chatting options. In fact, when it comes to instant communication both SnapChat and Facebook ended up in a tie.

At the endFree Web Content, we can say that Facebook is still the clear winner but SnapChat is emerging out with more advanced technologies to target mobile users and increase the number of audience and compete with the social media giant.

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Pamela Scout is a leading online marketing professional and has been into marketing industry for more than 8 years. He is a social media buff and loves to use both Facebook and SnapChat for branding and chatting. Pamela is writing for the Digital Marketing Agency Zoom Web Media.

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