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Sunday, May 19, 2019
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How to create a traffic stampede

Do you remember when Alta Vista was the most popular search engine?  When Yahoo had just come online? We are at the same stage in terms of the Video Explosion. So now is the time to get started. Look ...

Do you remember when Alta Vista was the most popular search engine?  When Yahoo had just come online? We are at the same stage in terms of the Video Explosion. So now is the time to get started. Look around. What are the big boys up to?

Check out Google Video, YouTube and even Amazon. At the moment Online Web Video is fun. It has a novelty value.

Have you noticed how video is spreading across the net. Everyone likes to, and is, hitting the Play Button. People are hitting the Play button for 2 main reasons.

A keyword and curiosity image at the front of the video. There you have it.

A keyword Image

A curiosity image

I'm covering the basics in this article. It's not a book - which it could be if I were let loose. Your Video/Infomercial ad is the first part. It should be totally focused on what you want it to show. This goes to the effectiveness of a successful Video campaign.

What you have to do after putting the video together is get it out to the masses. Personally this has to be the easiest part.  Yeh! Yeh! you say. OK. What about Google YouTube and the likes? Getting the picture? (No pun intended-well ish!)

Get your video on those sites, turn the lookers to your site and convert to cash.  I say in my books you can make your video for whatever budget you have. Spend a grand or a penny. It doesn't matter, if you have some spare cash to throw at it. Sound is always good to spend it on. A celebrity actor! They can cost a bit.

Quoting from my film book:

Reverse Budgeting

If you have $10,000, $1,000 or $100 then that is your budget. You are not budgeting. You are reverse budgeting.

You only have $100 so that is your budget. Full stop. You make it for that. How do we allocate the money? The best way so it shows on the video.

Want to make a higher budget video. Get someone to put a few bucks in with you for half the profit. Get your video moving and you'll soon have enough for a better one.

Remember when dealing. 50% of something is better than 100% of nothing.

Which reminds me from my film book:

Never Ever Pay Retail For Anything. Never. Got it? Deal or barter for Everything and I do mean everything. Never Ever Pay Retail.

Google allow you 2 minutes. Easy. Do it in 30 seconds as long as it gets your message across. Something else to think about. Run through the whole video in your mind. Then put it on paper. Does it make sense?

Get some A1 paper or whatever and write the script on there (of course after you have come to final decision on what to include). 

When looking at the camera, pin it up above and behind the camera so you can look as though you are looking at the camera whilst reading off the script. Use a Tripod else they will think you have the shakes from too much the night before!

Before you start. Go to Google and YouTube. Watch them for a day. You will get clues.

Use these tips.

Create your Video. Get up and show to the masses. Earn some money. Make another one. Keep going. If your first one is a disasterBusiness Management Articles, so what. Do it again and again. Best way sometimes so you keep on the learning curve.

Get the Traffic stampeding to your sites. Become a Guru in no time. All for a 30 second Video.

Make your own luck. Make your video.

Get up and go for it.


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Author/Filmmaker pro Barry Sheppard helps you put the odds on your side by showing you exactly what steps you must make at every stage of the video making process. To ensure the success of your Video with whatever budget you have.

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