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Saturday, April 4, 2020
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LinkedIn is turned a the Internet bubble overflowing 2.0 era?

2011's brightest technology company IPO is none other than the non-Linkedin. Large as the United States first publicly traded social media company, in the first day of trading, LinkedIn's stock price once up to $ 122.70, a valuation of more than 10 billion U.S. dollars. Since this is also Google went public in August 2004, the U.S. market is the largest along with Internet IPO.

Many Silicon Valley Linkedin listed a par with 1995's Netscape. Although Netscape listing just a record company only built a year and a half, and not yet profitable, but Netscape has created a network economy "billions of dollars in Time", a more profound sense that, Netscape has opened the world's digital economy innovation boom, in a sense, we can even have Netscape as the root of the wave of the Internet bubble that burst in 2000.

Linkedin and Netscape. Linkedin has founded a decade, and profits in good condition, annual income up to 100% increase is capital market dream seems to mesh, even if there are crazy Facebook, after all, a bird in the hand is worth two birds in the bush Linkedin eat first say.

If you must say what sort of inspiration Linkedin Silicon Valley companies have, the answer is only one word: valuation. Aside Google regardless even those Swordsman star Internet companies today, most of them listed at the beginning of the market value did not cross the $ 1 billion mark (including long-term occupation of the Chinese Internet market value of the throne of Tencent), and the, The greatest innovation of these crucial tend to occur in the listing, the capital play a catalyst role in the development of these companies, there is no doubt, this is a win-win outcome.

Linkedin's high valuation, however, gave this win-win model of entrepreneurs and capital has brought a glimmer of worry. American of Finance website 24/ the survey shows that nearly 70% of the respondents think that the price is too high. This has two meanings: often cause much base growth rate is limited, and Lin Jun "billions of dollars lessons in the book, we see the same, sometimes too much money is tempting North could not find, which is not necessarily a good thing.

We need to consider is whether Linkedin listed cause Netscape listed as in 1995 when the demonstration effect of capital market. A man is just a few kilometers from heaven, listing in Netscape, any as long as with. com, things can easily get investment, But when the dot-com bubble burst in 2000, many investors are sad to discover that he has been swimming naked. Linkedin boss is not social media companies, as the industry's first listed company, its direction after real giant Facebook listing will have a profound impact.

Some people worry whether the, Linkedin high valuation will make the upcoming social media market surges into the laundering of capital giants game? Such a possibility does exist, the market is crazy, two months before another company listed on the NASDAQ Yandex "Russia's Google", listing the first day of the closing market value of more than 12.5 billion U.S. dollars, to raise the threshold is bound to make caused by the centralization of capital, but also for the capital giants innate favorable conditions to create a conspiracy. "China concept" stocks of the U.S. market roller coaster this year's performance in general, it is also the capital of fame and fortune. Chinese Internet companies this year queued market, and perhaps also from another point of view that is the rise of the Internet bubble. These companies want to grab listed in the "window period" before the bubble burst, and its result, it is caused by the intensification of the entire industry bubble.

Internet bubble like beer foam - beer tastes will be greatly reduced if not foam or bubble too little, then; too much foam, then most of the beer to go with the bubble flow. Although the topic on the Internet bubble 2.0 "increasingly warm, but now seems too early to discuss this issue, after all," 2.0 "era, there is often not rule the Internet industry chain and the Internet ecosystem is also a fundamental sex change, the bubble of the past may be the norm todayComputer Technology Articles, Linkedin is worth tens of billions of IPO.

But one thing is the same: When soap bubbles filled the air when the nightmare of the Internet is about to begin.

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