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Friday, September 18, 2020
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What is search engine optimization techniques mastery

do you wish to know what's Seo and how it works? Here's a straightforward Seo guide for you. this is one in every of the most important question that individuals raise is what's SEO and the way how it works.

do you wish to know what's Seo and how it works?

Here's a straightforward Seo guide for you.

this is one in every of the most important question that individuals raise is what's SEO and the way how it works.

For businesses that area unit simply setting out to build their web site or browsing an internet site plan, program improvement or SEO will feel a touch discouraging.

But it's not like that

even if you don't have any expertise in Seo still you'll be able to create some powerful changes that can improve your website's ranking with program improvement (SEO).

Below you will have your answer to the million greenback question - what's program improvement (SEO) and the way how it works? I will cowl a number of the topics of SEO thus you'll rank your web site first on google.


  1. optimizing your heading and titles
  2. optimizing your web site for Google RankBrain
  3. Updating and Republishing Old blog post
  4. Use Quora for getting title ideas for your blog
  5. Steal your competitor's keywords

Let's start

What is Seo and the way it works?

Seo is a brief type for program improvement, it's a method for optimizing your web site to urge organic and unpaid traffic. Seo principally involves creating some changes in your web site content to create your site a lot of enticing a groundwork engine.

Here area unit some ways by which you'll optimize your web site.

1. optimizing your heading and titles

you must optimize your heading and titles too for higher Seo results.

you must make certain that your weblog is targeting the proper keywords.

Title tag is the most powerful in Seo. thus simply make certain that right keywords area unit there. And you ought to conjointly add correct keywords to your heading moreover. H1 tag is most vital in Seo it ought to be the primary issue in seo. in many cases it's same because of the title. however should not essentially got to be.

if you have got some PPC campaign expertise then you'll take some inspiration from it.

2. optimizing your web site for Google RankBrain

Recently, Google introduced its RankBrain

And per news, this new issue could be a game-changer.

Because Rankbrain is 1st machine learning algorithmic rule.

it sums up however you act with the result on the primary page.

the more interactive your page is the higher you will rank on google.

Google's Rankbrain is usurping quickly.

In fact google explicit that Rankbrain is one in every of their high three ranking computer code.

But you would possibly be thinking how can I optimize my web site for Google Rankbrain?

These 2 straightforward tips which can assist you.

First, improve your organic click-through rate.

When tons of individuals will click on your web site then google Rank Brain will work and it'll tell Google that poeple are liking this result lets take it to the highest

But if your web site will not get more clicks then Rank Brain can drop your web site sort of a stone.

And that's why optimizing your website for organic CTR is thus vital.

I have an awfully cool strategy that you simply will use to enhance your CTR later during this post.

But for currently, here's a fast tip that I recently learned:

One of the best ways in which to urge additional clicks is to feature numbers to your title and outline tag.

Here's a real-life example from one in all my diary posts:

Actionable SEO Tips (number highlight) - Post

Research shows that individuals on-line area unit additional possible to click on content that contains variety. thus once you embrace variety in your content's title (and in your meta description), you'll increase your CTR super quickly.

Next, improve your bounce rate and "Dwell Time".

Again, Google RankBrain desires you to publish a chunk of content that creates their users happy.

And if users leave your website (also referred to as a "bounce") within three seconds? That's a user expertise signal that tells Google that individuals don't like your content.

In fact, my analysis of 1.3 million Google search results discovered that sites with a decent bounce rate graded higher than sites with a poor bounce rate:

bounce rate rankings

See however that works? the higher your bounce rate, the higher you rank.

And the longer searchers be your website (known as "Dwell Time"), in general, the upper you'll rank.


HOW can you improve your Dwell Time and bounce rate?

One tip that's helped my rankings a great deal is to write down compelling introductions that encourage folks to require action.

In different words, AVOID content like this:

boring intro

If somebody lands on this intro from Google, they're planning to bounce as quick as doable.

(And as we tend to talk concerning, that's dangerous for your SEO).

Instead, get STRAIGHT to the purpose, like this:

blog post intro

Boom. Anyone landing thereon page is aware of specifically what my piece of content is concerning.

I conjointly advocate calling it off your content into mini, bite-sized chunks.

In different words, you wish your content to seem like this:

easy to browse copy

As you'll see, this copy is super simple to browse.

And it's particularly simple to browse on a phone or pill. Considering that almost all Google searches area unit currently done on mobile devices, readability is additionally vital for SEO than ever before.

And once you've done that, it's time for our next white hat SEO technique

3. Updating and Republishing Old blog post

If you add something new in your blog then you should not write new blog instead of writing a new blog just update the old one and it also helps to target new keywords for optimizing your blog and new recreating a healthy SEO for your post.

4. Use Quora for getting title ideas for your blog

Quora is one of the best ways to find out what people want to know about your niche you can write your targeted keyword in its search bar and all the related questions will come up.

Then you can look at the questions and get an idea for your title.

5. Steal your competitor's keywords

Here are two ways to find out keywords to optimize your content

By entering random keywords into a tool.


Finding the exact keywords that competitor is using for ranking his blog.

Both ways can work. And in my opinionFree Web Content, stealing your competitor's keywords is best for ranking website.

For this method first you have to find a competing site that is already ranking good in google.

In this way you can reverse engineer sites that are already doing good in google.

After finding your competition website paste that websites homepage into a tool like SEMrush or Spyfu.

and you'll get a list of keywords They already rank for.

Find out the right keyword for your business. And then use those keywords for seo.

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