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Wednesday, April 24, 2019
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“The mystery surrounding internet marketing! Is there one? Or do they want you to think there is?”

Everyone these days wants to become an internet “Guru”, which I’m not disputing is a fine ambition, but the information out there created by these “Gurus” is undoubtedly complex and mind boggling.

For the ambitious beginner, following a course that was written by someone who has been in the business for many a year can be a frustrating process.

Promises are made of wealth beyond your wildest dreams and you only need spend an hour or two a day to achieve everything you ever dreamed of! Well, this may be the case further down the road, but we all have to start somewhere.

So what is the big mystery, the big secret behind making those millions?


It may not be what you want to hear, we all want something to drop in our laps and make us a fortune, but the reality is with internet marketing you need to build on solid foundations as with any other business.

The biggest hurdle you face is separating the good material from the hype!

So many internet marketing newbie’s fail because they try something that has been recommended and very often (due to lack of experience) fall at the first hurdle and very often lose money into the bargain.

But take heart. If you’re really serious about this business and are prepared to put some serious time and effort in, you can not only build a solid business but also make some serious money!

The “Gurus” had to start somewhere.

There are the select few who have been lucky enough to make money overnight but they are “the select few” so I’ll let you into a little secret………Even the big earners base their business on the same simple techniques that you can so easily learn and apply yourself.

Every internet marketer has a “list”. This is a list of people that they have gathered through promotions over time and they sell to this list time and time again. It’s at this stage that you can spend an hour per day on your internet marketing business and watch the money roll in because you put the hard work in to start with!

So where do I start?

Well most of us don’t have our own product to sell and the start up costs of producing and manufacturing can be astronomical. So sell someone else’s product for them! You may be thinking that’s ok but I wouldn’t make as much money as if I owned my own product. Wrong! If you become an affiliate (That’s marketing someone else’s product for them) they will pay you a commission and you would have no handling costs, no shipping costs and no after sales care to deal with. All you have to do is bank the cheques they send you on a regular basis. The commissions that many affiliate marketers offer is very generous, up to 70% of the price of the product! Well worth a go……….

Choosing the right product depends on you. When promoting a product I strongly recommend that you choose something that you have some knowledge about or are genuinely interested in. The reason I say this is because when people read your sales letter it will stand out a mile if you don’t come across as genuine. They will not buy from you because they don’t TRUST you!

Why is trust so important?

Joe public is sceptical at the best of times and never more so than when they are about to part with money. This is why you need to build a good relationship with your potential customers. If they trust you and are happy, they will buy from you over and over again!

Will it cost me a lot to get started?

Well that depends on your own finances. A lot to one person is not a lot to another. You can start this business with a relatively small budget, you can get free advertising and you don’t have to buy traffic, but you will need a domain name and web hosting etc. These things are a necessity but not expensive.

The biggest pieces of advice I can give you is think BIGFree Articles, have a plan and NEVER GIVE UP!

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