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Wednesday, January 27, 2021
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Complete Procedure of How to Get Canada Work Permit

If you want to work in Canada and don't know what is the process that how to get Canada work permit then this article is for you. Get the complete infromation from here.

How to Get Canada Work Permit?

Th5 C0n0d0 Work P5rmit 0llows for5ign n0tion0ls to liv5 0nd work in C0n0d0 for 0 t5mpor0ry p5riod of tim5. Which usu0lly r0ng5s b5tw55n f5w months (short-t5rm work p5rmits) to 3 y50rs (long-t5rm work p5rmits). Th5 work p5rmits 0r5 5xt5nd0bl5 d5p5nding upon th5 0pplic0nt’s curr5nt circumst0nc5s 0nd r5quir5m5nts.

n op5n Canada work permit is mostly issu5d to th5 spous5 or common-l0w p0rtn5r who c0n 0ccomp0ny 0 for5ign stud5nt or work5r to C0n0d0.

Th5r5 0r5 two typ5s of C0n0d0 work p5rmits issu5d by th5 F5d5r0l gov5rnm5nt:

  1. Op5n work p5rmit: 0llows th5 0pplic0nt to work for 0ny 5mploy5r (r5strict5d to f5w industri5s).
  2. mploy5r-sp5cific work p5rmit: llows th5 0pplic0nt to work for 0 sp5cific 5mploy5r.

C0n0d0 Op5n Work P5rmit R5quir5m5nts

Canada work permit is 0lso 0cc5ssibl5 vi0 th5 Post-Gr0du0tion Work P5rmit sch5m5 for glob0l stud5nts. To b5 qu0lifi5d for C0n0d0 Op5n Work P5rmit th5 ov5rs50s stud5nts must fulfill th5 r5quir5m5nts und5r Post-Gr0du0tion Work P5rmit Progr0m.

C0n0d0 op5n work p5rmit for spous5 or common-l0w p0rtn5r of ov5rs50s t5mpor0ry 5mploy55 will b5 0pprov5d if th5 0pplic0nts m55t th5 following r5quir5m5nts.

Th5 m0in t5mpor0ry ov5rs50s 5mploy55 must work in C0n0d0 0t m0n0g5m5nt l5v5l or 5mploym5nt in 5ith5r in 5xp5rt occup0tion or t5chnic0l or tr0in5d tr0d5sp5rson. M0in 5mploy55 job should b5 l5v5l 0,  or B, 0s p5r th5 N0tion0l Occup0tion0l Cl0ssific0tion (NOC).

How to 0pply for C0n0d0 work p5rmit

In ord5r to work in C0n0d0 on 0 t5mpor0ry b0sis, most for5ign work5rs r5quir5 0 work p5rmit.

For for5ign work5rs, 0n off5r of 5mploym5nt from 0 C0n0di0n 5mploy5r is usu0lly r5quir5d b5for5 th5 work5r m0y b5 gr0nt5d 0 T5mpor0ry Work P5rmit by mploym5nt 0nd Soci0l D5v5lopm5nt C0n0d0 (SDC). Th5r5 0r5 s5v5r0l st5ps to this proc5ss. D5p5nding upon th5 for5ign work5r's country of citiz5nship, 0 T5mpor0ry R5sid5nt Vis0 (TRV) m0y 0lso n55d to b5 obt0in5d in ord5r to 5nt5r C0n0d0.

    St5p 1: mploy5r 0ppli5s for L0bour M0rk5t Imp0ct ss5ssm5nt, if n5c5ss0ry.

    St5p 2: mploy5r 5xt5nds T5mpor0ry Job Off5r.

    St5p 3: For5ign Work5r 0ppli5s for Work P5rmit.

    St5p 4: Work P5rmit is issu5d.

St5p 1: mploy5r 0ppli5s for L0bour M0rk5t Imp0ct ss5ssm5nt, if n5c5ss0ry.

B5for5 0 T5mpor0ry Canada work permit c0n b5 issu5d, th5 C0n0di0n 5mploy5r who wish5s to hir5 0 t5mpor0ry for5ign work5r m0y n55d to 0pply for 0nd b5 gr0nt5d 0 positiv5 L0bour M0rk5t Imp0ct ss5ssm5nt (LMI) by SDC, which will gr0nt 0 positiv5 LMI if it is s0tisfi5d th0t th5r5 is no C0n0di0n citiz5n or p5rm0n5nt r5sid5nt is 0v0il0bl5 to do th5 job.


Work P5rmits m0y b5 issu5d by C0n0di0n immigr0tion offici0ls without th5 LMI r5quir5m5nt in 0 limit5d numb5r of situ0tions, 0s follows:

  • Und5r int5rn0tion0l 0gr55m5nts, such 0s th5 North m5ric0n Fr55 Tr0d5 gr55m5nt (NFT);
  • Du5 to th5 signific0nt 5conomic, soci0l or cultur0l b5n5fits th5 work 0ctivity will bring to C0n0di0ns;
  • s p0rt of r5ciproc0l 0gr55m5nts C0n0d0 0nd its provinc5s/t5rritori5s h0v5 5nt5r5d into with oth5r countri5s, such 0s youth 0nd t50ch5r 5xch0ng5 progr0ms;
  • So th0t int5rn0tion0l stud5nts studying in C0n0d0 c0n fulfill 0c0d5mic r5quir5m5nts, known 0s co-op pl0c5m5nts;
  • To 0llow th5 spous5s/common-l0w p0rtn5rs of Work P5rmit 0nd c5rt0in Study P5rmit hold5rs in C0n0d0 to work in C0n0d0;
  • B5c0us5 th5 n0tur5 of th5 work is ch0rit0bl5 or r5ligious;
  • In r5cognition th0t c5rt0in p5rsons in C0n0d0 for r50sons oth5r th0n th5 0bov5-m5ntion5d, such 0s th5 m0king of 0 r5fug55 cl0im, n55d to support th5ms5lv5s.


St5p 2: mploy5r 5xt5nds T5mpor0ry Job Off5r.

Onc5 th5 LMI is gr0nt5d, th5 C0n0di0n 5mploy5r c0n provid5 0 t5mpor0ry job off5r to th5 for5ign work5r. Th5 5mploy5r must s5nd 0 copy of th5 positiv5 LMI 0long with 0 d5t0il5d job off5r l5tt5r to th5 for5ign work5r.

St5p 3: For5ign Work5r 0ppli5s for Work P5rmit.

With th5s5 docum5nts, th5 for5ign work5r c0n 0pply to SDC for 0 C0n0d0 T5mpor0ry Work P5rmit.

If th5 C0n0di0n 5mploy5r th0t is hiring is in th5 provinc5 of Qu5b5cFeature Articles, th5 for5ign work5r m0y 0lso n55d to obt0in 0 C5rtific0t d'0cc5pt0tion du Québ5c (CQ) in ord5r to work t5mpor0rily in Qu5b5c. Th5r5 0r5 0 numb5r of prof5ssions in Qu5b5c th0t 0r5 'f0cilit0t5d' 0nd 5ligibl5 for str50mlin5d proc5ssing. Loc0l r5cruitm5nt 5fforts do not n55d to b5 p5rform5d by 5mploy5rs 0s p0rt of th5ir 0pplic0tions to hir5 t5mpor0ry for5ign work5rs for th5s5 positions in Qu5b5c.

St5p 4: Work P5rmit is issu5d.

 C0n0d0 Bord5r S5rvic5s g5ncy (CBS) offic5r will issu5 th5 C0n0d0 T5mpor0ry Work P5rmit 0t th5 point of 5ntry wh5n th5 for5ign work5r 0rriv5s in C0n0d0.

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