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Monday, January 24, 2022
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No Use of Social Media! A Guide by Newton Personal Injury Attorney

Social media is a tool to communicate and share about our daily activities, but in a personal injury case, this can be problematic. It is better to not utilize your social media presence for your case as it can reduce your compensation worth. So you can simply hire a good personal injury attorney who would guide you in depth.

When you are involved in an accident, and you have planned to file a lawsuit for the same, the process is going to be lengthy as well as complicated. In order to lessen your claim worth insurance company will try their level best to find out facts and proofs that point against you. Similarly, the internet is a place where you can get multiple, information about anyone, anything in time. Thus, insurance Company may use this source in order to get into your personal life a little deep. If you hold a public account, chances of giving them your personal details become quite easier unintentionally. But if the case is where you hold a private account, this simply doesn’t mean you are safe, they are smart and experienced professional, collecting information and evidence is an easy task for them, they can anyhow try to track your details by mutual friends or any other tactics. So social media can be a case spoiler if you are a person who updates about your day to day happening or case related topics. Also, a professional Newton personal injury attorney is suggested to avoid social media for a time being till everything is settled well.

  • Think Before You Post

It is best that you simply log off from your social media accounts. It is definitely tough for you to do the same, so if you still want to continue using it, you have to consider the below points. Avoiding it can help you make a better decision for your case.

  1. Not posting any conversation with your Freehold personal injury attorney
  2. Do not disclose any information regarding the severe injuries or your recovery.
  3. Any kind of problems that you are having during the treatment also how you are dealing with your injury claim as well
  4. Not trying to comment about anything with others about your case.
  5. Any specific information regarding the fault or others faults.
  • Remember Social Media Posts Are Never Private

Anything that you post on the social media site, even if you have a private account, it is never going to be the same as you think. Even if you use any kind of tools that can help you keep your private post visible to few, the security tools are nothing that can be truly trusted. Your Newton personal injury attorney will always want you to not do any kind of posting related to your case. The insurance company as discussed earlier use their tactics to discover any kind of personal information about you. If they collect such proofs from your social media site it will be troublesome for you only.

For example: If you have attended a party and posted a picture by mentioning only a few friends who can see and tagged your friends into it, but your friends have done the setting that anyone can see the pictures they are tagged in, then you will be in danger as you said in the court that you are unable to walk, but at the same time you attended a party.

  • Alert Your Friends & Family To Not Post About You

It is also possible that you are following your attorney’s advice and not posting anything on your profile. But the chances of your friends and family to post about you or with you are also high. They might post out any picture or comment on your pictures that directly states that you are very much fine, or enjoying with them, traveling with your friends or so on. Or your family might post any family function pictures that show you are very healthy and stable without any pain due to the injuries. So this can be troublesome. Let all your close friends, as well as family members, know that they don’t post any bit of information on or about you.

  • The Impact Of Social Media

Social media is not a real world; it speaks according to how we present it. It can make you look really good and normal, the overall profile appearances may describe that you are living a very normal life, but when you compare it with the statement you made, it stated that it is restricting you from living a normal life. This point can be noted by your insurance company.

You may accidentally post or say something without even thinking that you are going through a serious personal injury case, which can be cross-questioned as well.

Your attorney and your connection on social media like tagging each other. Tags could be on things that can be relatable to the case or disclosing your Newton personal injury attorney about how they are, how helpful they are, how they handle your case can show unprofessionalism.

  • Search Yourself On Google

The first most things that any insurance company is going to do in order to gain information about their victim is to Google their name and see what come up. So, you can do the same in order to know what comes up in the Google. Find out if there is anything that can affect your case worth, it should be deleted on the spot before it comes in the notice of the insurance adjuster. Also, there is this facility of Google alert, which will give you an indication anytime your name appears online. So with this, you can avoid any kind of barriers. Always remember online space generates valuable information, myths or facts don’t matter, and it can affect your case really badly. So think wisely before you put up anythingScience Articles, you can ask your Newton personal injury attorney.

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Social media excessive use during the case process is surely going to affect you in some of the other way, so simply make no errors and let your case be handled with proper care and legal concern with the help of your Newton personal injury attorney. Make sure they give you the right kind of help and support throughout your case. If you want their guidance immediately, don’t forget to click the link below

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