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Tuesday, March 26, 2019
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The Discovery Phase and How A New Jersey Auto Accident Attorney Can Help?

After the lawsuit is filed for your auto accident the discovery phase begins, you have to make sure all the steps are properly followed in this phase as it involved a lot of attention, research, investigation as well as detailed communication with the other party as well as your auto accident attorney for guidance.

After the accident lawsuit is been filed for your case and you are all set to get the compensation you deserve, there is still a lengthy process that needs to be accomplished in order to reach your destination. This lengthy process involves different stages, one of which is the first discovery phase. This discovery phase involves both the parties getting an opportunity to get a thorough idea about the case, the evidence, the reason behind the accident also this is a pre-trial process where both of the parties get a chance to make a solid case by researching a lot. Here there is also an exchange of information done between both the parties but you also have to follow the procedure of getting information from the other parties lawfully. This discovery process requires a legal help as you have to make sure no step harms your side, so you can get in touch with the New Jersey auto accident attorney for help as they will ensure your work is done the right way. Now you must be wondering what steps actually are involved in this phase, here are few important points that every victim when involved in a discovery phase has to follow it. Make sure you also practice the same with help of a profession.

  • Written Legal Questions ( Interrogatory)

The initial stage is an information exchange, which gives the right to both the parties to exchange a written set of questions to one another related to basic information. Here both the parties get a question paper that needs to be filled and submitted back to them. This step is important because here you get to know about the other party in brief and nobody can deny providing the information. The question that is mentioned may include basic information like the full name, contact details address of the person, apart from that the insurance company details, also the vehicle details, license details, the witness who saw the accident their details as well, if any insurance covering the incident that information too.

Also from that, the medical condition, details, damages, injuries suffered treatment revived for the injuries and the medical history if any. Your New Jersey auto accident attorney will be the one sending the interrogatories to the other party, and the question set that is for you will be answered well by this professional from your aside so that it makes a really strong appeal towards the other party. Answering these questions is a combined effort from you as well as your professional; you have to be very honest while you are disclosing your details, because if you caught over exaggerating, it can trouble your case worth.

  • Documentations

The parties involved in the accident will have to end the required documents; these required documents will be asked from the other party to one another as a list and what all documents are mentioned in the list the parties have to send it to each other. This list will be submitted to the court as well if the court approves only then the further process will work. Your attorney will definitely guide you with what documents you will ask from the other party. Now, these documents will be related to the case only like your medical bills, traveling expenses, your car damage repair, any property damage repair or replacement, treatment bills, loss of wages or salary dates from your workplace and so on.

Your New Jersey auto accident attorney will first review the list of documents the party has demanded, you need to take proper advice from your professional as they know well what all information must and must not be shared with the other party with respect to saving your compensation worth. Also if there is any legalese term used in any of the document produced by the other party, these professionals will ensure you are aware of what the term means in a simpler way.

  • Deposition Phase

One of the most crucial, important, as well as a required step in a discovery phase, is the deposition. This is a face to face interrogation session conducted in order to answer the entire question asked by the other party’s attorney to you under oath; even your professional will be asking few questions to the other party in order to know what exactly happened basically their side’s story.

The court reporter will also be involved in this step wherein they will hear the point of view from both the parties, record it, or write the pointers and the information will be then submitted in the court at the time of litigation to the judge. The deposition is very valuable; you have to prepare for it in advance as it’s like a face to face interview. Spilling out anything that can go against you is also possible because every expert knows the trick to get useful information. This deposition information can be recorded in a video or audio or anything that the court approves, so you will have to make sure you are all set for this process, take as much help as possible from your New Jersey auto accident attorney as they know how the process works.

Now that you know the three most important steps involved in a discovery phase, make sure you also know how to get prepared with the steps as early as possible. Don’t ignore your medical treatment at all, health is important, focus on healing and let your attorney handle the discovery phase for youFind Article, but you also need to cooperate with them 100%.

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Accordingly, it is very important for you to work with a New Jersey auto accident attorney as they will be the only one guiding you with the legal terms that will come across your accident case throughout. Make sure you don’t make any kind of errors in your case that can ruin your compensation, seek help from professional.

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