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Thursday, December 13, 2018
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Top 8 Myths About NJ Car Accident Lawyers That We Have Debunked

Car accidents are common and we find about it on the news, internet every day, the question is also, sometimes due to lack of information people have started to believe in myths that have been evolved just to give a bad name to the profession of lawyers and law firms. Read the further article to know the myths about NJ car accident lawyer.

Mostly it is said that car accidents occur due to drunk drivers, negligence, avoiding traffic rules say in totality some kind of human error. Well, it is the NJ car accident lawyers, who are getting bad names due to the myths that have grown in the market. Here are some myths about accident attorneys of NJ you shouldn’t believe.


“Don’t Call Cops Unnecessarily For Subsidiary Cases”

You should know that not obeying the traffic rules and the government officials can actually get you into a considerable amount of trouble. Whether be it any country or state, you are required to pull over your vehicle at the scene of an accident, even if the accident doesn’t result in any harm, injuries, etc.

Here Is What You Are Supposed To Do If Involved In A Car Accident:

  • Pull over at once and check for injuries.
  • Call the police if there are any injuries or in-depth injury, one in every of the {other than opposite} drivers makes an attempt to go away from the scene otherwise you suspect other drivers involved are intoxicated.
  • Take note of the time, date, and location of the accident and any circumstances which will have caused or contributed to the accident.
  • Get the contact information for any witnesses at the scene.
  • Exchange your vehicle and insurance information with different drivers at the scene.
  • Get the medical aids you wish and inform your insurance firm among 24 hours of the accident occurring!


“The Biggest Threats To Public Safety On The Roads Are The “Drunken Drivers”!

Well, drunken drivers are a threat to public safety roads but the biggest is the “distracted drivers.” In fact, I was brought to my notice, that out of 100, 70% of accidents caused is by distracted drivers and the reasons are as follows:

  • Distracted driving cause’s very similar impairments as those displayed by drunken motorists.
  • Distracted driving (unlike drunk driving) has been steadily increasing over recent years.

Suggestion to avoid such: If you frequently multitask behind the wheel, stop and recommit to that specialize in the task of driving, it will cut back your risk of an accident and can save lives.


“Most People Expect That Writing To The Insurance Company A Letter Will Get A Reasonable Settlement Proposal”

  • Let me tell you that this myth is mostly spread by the insurance companies who have interest in your business. Car accidents are often a battle between insurers; both the parties have an interest of their client in mind and not the other victim of the accident. So, my advice to you is if you or any of your loved ones is a victim of a car crash that wasn’t your fault, you should go to the concerning lawyers and claim for settlement offers that is usually reasonable.


“Minor Accidents Do Not Cause Serious Injuries”

  • According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), medical prices related to automobile accident injuries will run into tens of thousands of dollars, and these prices could still accrue for as long as eighteen months after your accident.
  • Medical care must always be asked for a car accident. This is often as a result of apparently minor injuries like soreness, bruising or swelling may be indicative of a lot of serious condition that threatens your overall health and presumably might end in serious monetary prices.


“Anyone Who Causes A Car Accident Won’t Be Able To Get Compensation Later”

  • The statement is totally false and as a reality, if another driver was a lot of guilty for a collision than you may have been, you'll still be able to acquire compensation for your accident-related damages and losses.
  • If you have got been hurt in an exceeding automobile crash or collision, you'll still be able to recover compensation though you're feeling you were part answerable for the accident. Under New Jersey law, you'll be entitled to get damages associated with your injury through an automotive accident lawsuit as long because the different accountable parties are over 50 % guilty of the accident.

Suggestion: Contact an attorney once any collision to seek out a lot of regarding your potential choices for compensation and don’t assume you don’t have a claim.


“There Is A Formula For Determining Settlement Value”

  • There are many sites that offer settlement value calculators and tools; however, they are not actually of any use. To be true nobody can actually determine the value of the settlement until and unless the case has been fully investigated. The insurance company for the one that hit you is responsible to pay your medical bills as they become due.
  • After an automobile wreck, nobody is responsible to acquire something unless their insurance settlement dictates they must do so. Usually, this can be because the insurance battles are often terribly troublesome to fight and result in piles of unpaid bills. So as to acquire your medical bills as quickly as attainable, you would like to make sure your legal rights are protected.


“Accidental Claims Are Expensive To Represent”

  • Thinking that you just cannot afford an attorney to represent you in an exceeding automobile accident proceeding or claim is presumably one in every of the most important misconceptions individuals have.
  • There are automobile accident lawyers which will give you a free consultation to debate the main points of your case. If you select them or personal injury law firm to represent you, you pay nothing for his or her services unless they recover money for you. In fact, the legal fees are typically calculated into the amount sought-after in damages.


“Most Attorneys Advertise That They Can Handle Accident Cases Because They Have The Same Ability, Tools, And Experience To Handle Your Case As Well”

  • The last and the most believed myth individuals have with is constant wrong believe that all accident cases have the same ability, tools and experience, well! No., not every lawyer is skilled and experienced to handle cases, also, every case is different may be the same professionBusiness Management Articles, but the complication the situation and everything matters which is why it is said different lawyers handle different cases with their own choice of expertise.
  • And hence you should do a thorough research and then take upon hiring a lawyer.

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