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Wednesday, January 27, 2021
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4 Reasons To Rent a Smaller Property in London

A couple of the benefits of renting a smaller property.
It's cosier, it saves you time, helps you get laid more and last but not least - it saves you money.

Should we rent a bigger or smaller apartment?

Why property volume matters?

A few weeks back, while i wondered which of all cleaning companies i should hire, i got a surprise visit by my dad, and let me tell you... My house was a mess! In my defense i threw the blame at the creative personality i have. Nobody in London has time for chores these days, right? 
That's why we hire professionals to do the job. There are plenty of good companies out there.

Beside the implied conclusion of me being irresponsible, my dad compared the condition of all my property inventory as a mess. Except the curse of becoming a bad parent, a worthless inventory clerk or an sad office worker, things went pretty well. You will be surprised how many well known and successful public figures are actually really messy with their property. I won't even mention the companies some of them founded. I am more happy with my little London apartment. 

What are the benefits of renting a property, which isn't a "big one"? 

1. It is cosier to live in a smaller property

Its is proven, that to be in tighter spaces gives you a feeling of cosiness. Security is one of the basic needs all living creatures have. Birds do not build mansion-like nests. The way all creatures snuggle could be compared to the comfort of a hug. In order to get such a mood, you should consider a smaller place to rent.

Some companies intentionally look for smaller properties to rent . This way they can both spend less on inventories and rent, and set a cosy work environment for their employees at the same time. 

2. To live in a smaller property saves you time

One of the worst things we do is to waste time. Often people who live in a huge apartment seem to need way more time to figure out where their possessions are. Compared to those who inhabit cosier apartments, homeowners of larger properties sacrifice more time to maintain control over their property inventories. The best way is to get an professional inventory report of your belongings in a written form.

3. Small apartments help you get laid more

True story! Research on 7,000 Americans found out that people who live in small homes were perceived as sexier and thus enjoyed better sex life. I personally think that this is 99% related with the bird-nest thesis. The cosier atmosphere your property has, the higher your chances shall be. 

4. Small apartments save you money

Let me say, rent and inventories are just a few to name.
The less room you have to fill, the less filling you'll need, and therefor the less you'll spend. 
To buy new furniture is always an itch and the benefit of a having a small apartment is as clear as a tear. You won't need to buy much new stuff in order to change both what your inventories are and the way they make you feel. Most people are quite lonely and that is why lamps, TVs, the AC, and all other inventories that generate any kind of sound are left on. If the property you rent does not consist out of 15 rooms you will most definitely spend less.

The conclusion?

Less bills on electricity, gas, water, property inventories and cleaning in general! Not only thatArticle Search, but you won't spend as much on services done by third party companies as you would otherwise.

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Charline Caisse,
born in Paris,now i live in London. 

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