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Sunday, May 20, 2018
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Clarifying on this Shriram Sharma says: The power of congregation is limitless. Many blades of dry grass unite to form a rope. This rope can be used to tie up a mad elephant too. The quote of many drops forming an ocean is  famous. Units on their own are mediocre in stature but when they unite in hordes its effect and influence is extraordinarily powerful. Bricks lying scattered here and there are of no importance but on uniting it constructs big high rise buildings. Then its utility value and importance are untold in measure. What can a lone soldier achieve? But when many soldiers form an army the miraculous feats enacted can dumbfound one and all.

Even miniscule not so wise creatures like ants and termites realize the value and importance of congregating. Hence mankind supposed to be the most intelligent among all creatures must not throw away the benefits of congregating by ignoring the above tenet. A question mark looms large over humanity passing through a long phase of upheavals, separatism, divisiveness etc. Who, in what manner and in what measure tried to find a solution to this? There is no answer available. But respected readers must fully understand that our Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya each moment of his life span of 80 long years devoted it for this end. Congregating in large numbers augments human energy, human qualities of great glory and imbibing of high stature ideals that leads to humanity scaling peaks of supreme greatness.

Clarifying on this he says: The power of congregation is limitless. Many blades of dry grass unite to form a rope. This rope can be used to tie up a mad elephant too. The quote of many drops forming an ocean is quite famous. Units on their own are mediocre in stature but when they unite in hordes its effect and influence is extraordinarily powerful. Bricks lying scattered here and there are of no importance but on uniting it constructs huge high rise buildings. Then its utility value and importance are untold in measure. What can a lone soldier achieve? But when many soldiers form an army the miraculous feats enacted can dumbfound one and all.

By it self today we see and hear of many organizations. Akin to mushrooms growing in monsoons they are formed and get destroyed too in a jiffy. They have no luster of any sort nor are they effective in any way. In just about any wayward manner they are formed akin to a veiled fraud for usurping human energy and thus fulfill their selfish greed. In it some shrewd, cunning and wily people misuse others’ brain skills, hard work and wealth so as to fulfill their selfish ambitions. The result of this is that hatred and enmity are spewed by lay public and the so called organizations get tattered to shreds. Instead of human problems dissipating to naught they snowball into bigger ones full of complexities.

It is our misfortune that today organizations have become synonymous with a vicious circle. Anyone getting trapped in it loses not only his power but that humane sentiments go down the drain crying aloud in pain. It is best that we hear its finer details from the hallowed lips of our Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya: It is quite appalling that although humanity did try to congregate in a bits and pieces manner, it failed to focus on unity of world human public and congregate into a gigantic peace loving family. Since the foundation and vested interests remained separate they organized themselves on the basis of community, racial outlook, country, sect etc. These small fry organizations collided with each other and hence, created more fearful situations the world over. True and permanent benefits can be accrued only when entire world humanity unites with a common foundation as its basis. Now that hour has arrived wherein the cure for this ‘disease’ shall be unveiled.

Along with the commencement of the publication of Akhand Jyoti Magazine in the year 1967 this cure was projected in the form of founding the Akhand Jyoti Family. From an organized congregation standpoint its body may have been small in size but no lack was noted as far as encouraging everyone to imbibe high stature ideals both within and without was concerned. This was not some whim based mob of collection of people but that a few people united to surrender their all for the sake of leading a life of sacred ideals. This small congregation was not some stray ‘chance’ but that as per a well defined plan of the Divine Creator, they united like pearls in a necklace.  While throwing more light on this Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya says: In the family of Akhand Jyoti there are souls of high stature psychic imprints conjoined to it. With effort they were searched for and with honest labor were gathered in one basket. This then is our family. My hope that they shall play a great role in neo creation and become leaders in this worldwide campaign is not reason free. Behind it is a fact great stature souls may be enmeshed in very dense dirty coverings within but at the appointed hour they realize their true glorious nature. They hence understand their responsibility and identifying divine inspiration and messages do not delay at all in executing their important righteous duties.

The original specialty of Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya has been to give this worldwide organization a form of a happy affectionate family. In majority of other organizations there is a lure to hold high authority posts so as to call shots in its functioning. But in a family like atmosphere members love each other like brothers-sisters and make each other feel comfortable by harboring a sense of soul oneness. In a family the teacher is one who governs the family. Parents sometimes teach children using affectionate methods and at times they may use harsh methods in order that their little ones tread the path of aptness and wholesomeness. In fact this scolding is another form of affection only (cruel to be kind).

Discipline is most required in education. Of course! Discipline and governing are as poles apart as sky and earth or as coal and diamond. In governing fear and sense of helpless creep in. In disciplining the one teaching or educating others has to first imbibe it within and also in day to day living (practice what you preach). After this others easily imbibe great teachings. In family life if someone breaks disciplined behavior initially instead of harsh punishment loving explanation is given to the child as to why he must not break any form of discipline in life.

Under the watchful disciplining of Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya and loving affection of his holy consort Vandaniya Mataji (HH BHAGWATI DEVI SHARMA) each moment the Akhand Jyoti Family has augmented to become the All World Gayatri Family seen today. After he executed the 1000 pyre Super Power Gayatri Yajna in 1958 AD its well managed form manifested as ‘Yug Nirman Yojana’ (Era Neo Creation). This organization conjoined to amazing potentials had high stature ideals and goals that mind boggled one and all. If we quote Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya regarding this this is what he has said: Within ‘Yug Nirman Yojana’ (Era Neo Creation) an intense effort is being made that entire world humanity comes under one flag of love, goodwill, generosity, soul oneness, equality, unity, affection etc that become high statire spiritual ideals based foundation. In this manner they have joined to form a family like organization.

In reality this is a congregation that gives teachings of unifying scattered world humanity. This tiny seed sprouting as the Akhand Jyoti Family in the near future shall become a worldwide peace loving family. Its aim is: World united peacefully as one family. In all humans a sense of soul oneness and generous hearted nature must emerge in full throttle. People in order to render each other happy and prosperous by giving up their selfish greed and rights must instead experience joy, self contentment and glorious pride. With such type of world unity and brotherhood true peace can usher in on planet earth. Today efforts, thinking, means, wealth and enterprise are used merely to demean others and protect oneself from others’ attack. But in future they shall devote all this towards harbingering in world prosperity, peace and increasing comforts for everyone without exception. In this manner that time is round the corner wherein earth shall brim forth with heavenly blissful situations. The present form and influence of our organization that has in a widespread manner manifested the above stupendous results are being witnessed by all in a dumbstruck manner. Say what magic wand is in the hands of the founder of this family like humungous organization that people from all walks of world society are joining it in a cooperative friendly manner? Which Mantra pressurized illiterate and highly educated class, poor and millionaires, high caste and low caste etc people to become the central point of loving affection towards each other? It is quite natural to harbor amazement. These days families are breaking apart, husband-wife, mother-son etc relationships are souring day by day. Under such situations if doctors, engineers, doctorate degree holders, young men and women throwing away all their selfish desires and ambitions so as to resolve to work for society neo creation in a selfless manner, shall it not amaze one and all?

The secret behind this wonderment is is the true selfless and unconditional love showered by the founder of this organization on just about everyone without exception. For his entire life he used only one Mantra, one miracle wand and one tenet for creating this gigantic organization and it is love, love and only love for all beings. It is best that we hear what he has said about it: This is a clear bare truth that for our worldwide family I have searched for precious jewel like men after testing their great value thoroughly. In this manner I made a garland out of these precious jewel-humans.

I know all those who were with me previously and had performed a lot of Tapas or spiritual austerities harboring great sacred sensitive sentiments or Bhavasamvedana even if they had forgotten me. Although they had never forgotten me but suddenly on noting a sense of soul attraction gushing forth they also would ponder within that it cannot be mere ‘chance’ that on meeting a scholar, true devotee or reformer on a casual basis, such intense soul attraction manifests just like that. It is like the moment they saw me their soul and mind would get magnetically pulled to my soul. Even they were amazed that there has to be some reason or the other for such soul oneness emerging with deep faith akin to long lost friends meeting each other again. There has to be reason for such high stature sacred sensitive sentiments or Bhavasamvedana to gush forth since definitely it cannot be without cause.

An inner close proximity filled with intense soul oneness due to relationships spanning so many previous incarnations cannot end merely due to death of the physical gross body. In the inner psyche subtle imprints gather and many a times it gives a perception of knowing someone although in the present birth he is totally unknown. The same holds true with reference to me. My miniscule closeness and introduction with members and followers makes them feel as though we have met many times akin to long lost friends. We have been friends much previously or that in a short while we shall become very close soul companions. My state is different. I know their previous lifetimes’ thinking and characters too. Hence akin to a cow returning after grazing in the pastures on seeing its calf child moos aloud, licks the calf affectionately etc something similar occurs in my psyche. Lest there was no hindrance in the form of etiquette and my inner nature being introverted my mind on seing these lost long companions yearns to embrace them lovingly, seat them by my side and feed them with my own hands in an affectionate manner. But unfortunately I have to somehow control my mind and refrain from exhibiting my untold love and affection for them.

Say has any founder of any organization showered such wondrous love on his aides, followers and companions? Has anyone attained such close inner proximity to such a loving founder and great leader of any organization? Such a founder whose inner heart beats always says: I have always loved in a one sided manner (I love all without expecting to love me in return). When I loved someone I did so forever. I just do not know how to bicker and fight in affectionate relationships. Even if that person hurts me and harms me I have never even imagined giving harsh treatment in return for their misdeeds. Akin to firmly etched lines my memory always jumps forth akin to waves of only the goodwill, cooperation, faith and sense of soul oneness harbored towards me by my close aides, followers and companions.

The result of love is love only. Someone may doubt that Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya has shed his mortal coil and that is no longer in our midst in his physical form. As answer to this he had clarified while he was alive physically: While experiencing one unified inspiration of the soul and Almighty God, noting only one direction and guidance of righteous duties to be executed, today my inner personality has in a certain sense immersed itself zealously in the goal to be reached by me. This zeal is intensifying potently day by day. Apart from this I have no individual existence of my own. Those who truly love me must focus his love on my mission and its glorious activities. Those who pay no heed to our worldwide organization and rebuke it, know for sure that he is ignoring and rebuking me only. If on a personal basis someone is harboring faith towards me but is also doing something for my mission, thinks greatly for it and executes tasks for it, I feel that person is showering nectar on me and applying sandal paste on my forehead as a worshipful offering. But if someone is harboring faith only to me as a person, is attached to my body of flesh, bones etc only and offers worship only to it but refuses to do anything for my mission and its glorious world welfare tasks I feel he is paying no heed to nourishing my life force and instead is fanning my dead body only in order to ‘serve’ and ‘worship’ it.

Even today Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya is enquiring about each one of us. Do hear what he has said: Do you wish to know as to what measure of true soul oneness resides in our gigantic world family? The test of my sense of soul oneness is merely this: How much agony I feel for world humanity and creatures is filling up the pores of whom and in what measure? How many sparks from the burning inferno of pain I feel for all in this world reeking with strife, in what measure is burning in whose heart? Who has made a Sankalpa or powerful mental resolve to render the organization I founded by watering it with my very life force, stronger and firm? Who has given up selfish gains and little ego ‘I’ for surrendering their all for our worldwide organization and its Era Neo Creation tasks? These questions are being posed to every member of our All World Gayatri Family. I wish to see my mission members succeeding in the great contemporary and mandatory tasks of the mission zealously taken up by them after getting due divine inspirations.

Our organization woven with fibers of sheer love in an unconditional manner is mindblowing and extraordinary in many ways. Those harboring a sharp subtle vision, have seenHealth Fitness Articles, known and offered the fragrant flowers of their respect to this great organization and influence of the extraordinary founder of it.

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