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Wednesday, October 27, 2021
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Procrastination Ė A Llife That Could Have Been

Procrastination is such a dirty little word. It has a nice ring to the ear and soothing is to most minds. Once procrastination infects the mind and attitude the symptoms show up at the bank account and the wallet. Here is how to identify and destroy it.†

At one time or another all of us have procrastinated, put things off, waited before completing a task. Why do we put things off until tomorrow? Clearly there are times when we are a bit overconfident in our time management skills and we plan on doing too much. But are there certain things that always seem to fall off todayís to do list on a regular basis? What types of things are they? What are the excuses that you use? Is that the real reason you donít get the task or project completed? As I reflect on the things I procrastinate, I find that the excuses are empty and without meaning. The real reason I donít want to do them is I donít like to. But why? As I dig further, I find there are a few common themes to procrastination:†

1) I donít see the value in doing the task or as Anthony Robbins would say, I receive more pleasure from avoiding the task than the pain of completing the task.†

2) There is some hidden or unhidden fear in completing the task.†

3) I lack the knowledge or the confidence in my knowledge for completing the task.†

4) I lack a sense of prioritization for this task.†

Many times I find the things that are not my strength are the things I am most likely to put off until later. So I have to ask myself some key questions:†

1) Does this absolutely need to be done? What would happen if I didnít do this task or project? Sometimes we take on projects or tasks that just arenít that important.†

2) If the task or project must be done, then do I need to do it? Can I delegate this to someone else? No one in our house likes folding laundry, so we have someone take care of that for us. It is amazing the number of hated tasks that can be delegated.†

3) If I must do it, I must make it fun (or at least bearable). How do I make it fun? I can play my favorite music, reward myself after completion (be honest here), or celebrate in some other way.†

4) How do I plan and prioritize this project or task? How do I chunk this project down into bite size tasks? Which tasks am I not clear on or need more information? Spending time prioritizing and scheduling tasks for a larger project are the only way to move forward.†

So I am not putting off the important for the urgent. I am delegatingHealth Fitness Articles, prioritizing and planning. I will use an accountability partner to help ensure I am staying on track with my larger goals. Donít let the noise of unfinished projects get in the way of your true goals and purpose. Donít let procrastination lead to a life that was never lived.†

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