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Saturday, March 6, 2021
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5 Key Steps to Getting it Done

It seems these days like we are all wearing a lot of hats and juggling many balls: more and more I am hearing people talk about being overwhelmed – or not being organized enough.

It seems these days like we are all wearing a lot of hats and juggling many balls. More and more I am hearing people talk about being overwhelmed – or not being organized enough to handle everything that is on their plates.

I think we all struggle with project and time management now and then. What happens to many of us is that when we have too much to do, we end up doing nothing. We, in essence, become paralyzed by our to-do list.

Thankfully, there are steps you can take to get things back in line and start taking effective action.

1. Start by listing all of those to-do items. While it may seem scary, once you have them listed you can start attacking. If they only occupy space in your head they can seem bigger than they are. So bring them down to earth and onto paper.

2. Prioritize the list. This is a key part of taking action. There really are items that are more important or pressing than others. So, put the list in order of importance or urgency. As a part of this discovery process identify any items that you can delegate. Ask yourself what the best use of your time is and if anything on your list falls outside of that scope, delegate it.

3. Take the list of items you couldn’t delegate and break them down into bite size steps. When to-do items are large they can seem overwhelming. However, remember the saying ‘you can only eat an elephant one bite at a time,’ and list the action steps that are necessary to accomplish the to-do item.

4. Then schedule those action items. When will you get them done? This may require taking a step back and looking at your calendar from a distance. Scheduling activities in a constructive way will help you spend less time on them and actually get them done. And keep your goals to three at most. Only add an item after completing one. If the deadlines are different consider staggering your activity so there is no down time.

5. Set up an accountability partnership. This is someone you can partner with to monitor your progress and celebrate your accomplishments. As you complete your tasks and move projects toward completion, make sure you acknowledge it. In addition, your accountability partner can help you schedule action items in a realistic way so you are more apt to be successful. And as a partnership, you will be helping them as well. I find that having these relationships helps me stay focused and on track.

Getting things done is an important aspect of success. You can’t afford to allow a large list of to-do items paralyze you or derail your efforts. Remember that feeling overwhelmed is a common occurrence for small business owners. This feeling doesn’t have to rule your world – you rule your world. So, take control, create your list, schedule your action itemsBusiness Management Articles, and partner with someone who will help you stay the course. As you knock down item after item you will find yourself enjoying your business even more.

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Diane Helbig is an internationally recognized business and leadership development coach, author, speaker, and radio show host. As a certified, professional coach, president of Seize This Day Coaching, Diane helps businesses and organizations operate more constructively and profitably. Diane is the author of Lemonade Stand Selling, and the host of Accelerate Your Business Growth Radio show.

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