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Monday, July 6, 2020
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Blueprint of Online Success

I'm going to introduce you to what is potentially the most valuable strategy you're ever going to learn about Internet Marketing, or even business in general. Once you grasp this concept and make it your own, your marketing life will never be the same again.

And, you're going to wonder why this simple idea, which is so incredibly powerful
and immediately useful, is not taught as part of every Internet seminar, home study course and e-Book.

What works and what doesn't

If you've been in the market for Internet advice and guidance for any length of time,
you've probably noticed that things can get complicated and confusing quickly. Every 'guru' seems to have his own technique and says you have to buy *his* method and sign up for his software if you're going to succeed.

The truth is, if you bought every e-Book, attended every tele-seminar and bought every home study course, you'd never make any money because you'd be so tied up in knots trying to figure out which way to go, you'd have trouble picking a direction and getting started.

Building an income stream is like building a house... it starts with a blueprint.

Focus on what *matters*. Once you have the blueprint, the 'tools' part falls into place, but tools without a plan are useless.

Let's say you decided you want to go into the house building business. So, like any
intelligent person, you decide to do some research. You buy some books and go to some courses. So far, so good.

But what would you think if you went to a course or bought a book and instead of learning how to actually build houses, you were given a 'rah rah' speech and pitched on saws and hammers and two-by-fours?

No instruction on what *matters* when it comes to building a house. Nothing about picking a good location, laying a solid foundation, nor designing the house correctly;
Just a thinly disguised sales pitch for an overpriced hammer.

I'm sure you see the problem and yet what I just described is how most Internet marketing education works.

No insight, no real guidance. Just 'Do what I say, give me your money and everything will work out fine.'

There is a better way.

Products are EASY when you do it right

Here's the #1 most commonly asked question about Internet marketing.

"What should I sell online?"

This question is completely backwards. The most important question you need to ask about marketing anything on the Internet or elsewhere is not 'what' should I sell, but 'whom' should I sell to.

In other words, pick the market first.

Here's why this is so life-and-death important. Without a market in mind, it's practically impossible to create a product that will sell.

On the other hand, when you have a market in mind, coming up with product ideas is as easy as falling off a log. There's literally nothing to it.

Now, I ask you. What situation would you rather be in?

The person on the sidelines going round and round in circles trying to figure out what to sell and how to get started...Or the person who is in the game, putting points up on the scoreboard, and having fun.
(Yes, business, when it is working rightArticle Submission, is fun.)

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