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Saturday, December 15, 2018
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"Outrageous Marketing" for Outrageous Success in 2002

In this article, I'll show you three ... that ... selling $100,000 of software in two weeks -- for ... cost of $502) $400,000 of revenue as an ... result of a ...

In this article, I'll show you three strategies that resulted

1) selling $100,000 of software in two weeks -- for a
marketing cost of $50

2) $400,000 of revenue as an unexpected result of a promotion

3) three books becoming best sellers.

Each resulted from a different application of "Outrageous

A Very Brief Introduction to Outrageous Marketing

These days, in order to get attention for your marketing
message, you need to be outrageous.

Now, I don't mean being outrageous just for the sake of being
outrageous. And I don't mean just being off-the-wall.

Instead, I'm talking about being outrageous -- to produce
outrageously successful results.

Let's talk about the three most powerful ways to be
successfully outrageous.:

1. The outrageous offer.

2. The outrageous headline.

3. The outrageous claim.

As you read this article, think about how these examples can
apply to *your* business.

1. The Outrageous Offer: Turning Premiums on their Head

Using premiums is hardly outrageous, but here's how to use
them in a unique way to make an outrageous offer.

Bundling software to sell hardware is a classic, technique
used every day. However, the reverse is very rarely done.

Let me give you an example of how my first company sold
$100,000 of software in just 2 weeks -- with marketing costs
of under $50 -- using this approach!

Here's how we did it:

We sent each of our clients a two-page letter (for a total
cost of $50). However, rather than focusing the letter on the
software, we made them an outrageous offer: they received free
desirable computer hardware when they bought our software!

Our software cost $20,000 for a 25-user license so we could
afford to bundle a computer. Since the hardware cost us about
$30,000, we made $70,000 profit in just 2 weeks.

Premiums don't have to be expensive. They just have be
perfectly matched to your market and they have to have very
high perceived value. The important point is to make sure that
the offer is outrageous.

Let your imagination can really go wild. Just make sure the
premium is tied into the product that you're selling, and that
it is something your market is dying to have.

Adding these outrageously great offers is probably the best
way to quickly increase your sales and profits.

An irresistible offer can increase your sales by 200% to 300%!

You just have to ask yourself: "What can I bundle with my
product that will make it incredibly attractive to my
customers?" Write this down now.

2. The Outrageous Headline: Sometimes Outrageous Promotions
Get Different Results Than You Expect

In 1990, my first company, Micro Dynamics, was looking for a
Chief Operating Officer. We were an unconventional company,
and weren't getting the results we wanted using conventional
recruiting methods. So, we ran a full-page ad in our local
regional edition of the Wall Street Journal that started like

Fast-Growing, High-Tech Company Looking For The Right COO To
Move To MARS

Are you a successful, dynamic executive who would like to help
grow an exciting company in an exploding market? To really
make a difference?

If so, read on.

Our name is Micro Dynamics, and we are looking for a very
special Chief Operating Officer who would like to share the
adventure of growing an exciting company. Someone who has the
knowledge, experience, temperament, focus, energy,
"bandwidth," values, creativity, and desire to make a
significant contribution.

Are you that COO? We'll briefly describe our company, and you
can see if we sound like the kind of company you'd want to

The ad then goes on to describe our company. A bit later, it

What Do You Mean -- Move to MARS?

Sorry, you don't get to move to the planet MARS. We meant move
to our company, and to our product, Micro Dynamics MARS(R).

The idea of this ad is to put a little "science into the
search." We hope to spark the interest of the right COO for
our company -- possibly someone who isn't even looking for a
position. We're presenting a lot of detail to both filter and
to excite.

Then we go on to explain Two Reasons NOT To Respond To This Ad
and Five Things Micro Dynamics Is Looking For In A COO and
then a brief description of Qualifications Needed and About
The COO Position. We ended the ad with the following PS:

P.S. Even if this position is not right for you, since you've
read this far, something caught your interest. Why don't you
call us today for information about how MD MARS can help solve
your document management problems. If you mention this ad,
we'll also send you a free copy of our book, 'Choosing the
Right Imaging System.'

We got a tremendous response from this ad. Although
unfortunately, we didn't hire a COO from this ad, we did get
two excellent employees and we sold over $400,000 of software
from this one ad -- and it ran just once.

Again, I'd like you think: "How can I apply this example --
and use outrageous headlines -- in my business?" Write this
down now.

3. The Outrageous Claim

Another great way to be outrageous is to make an outrageous
claim -- and back it up with evidence.

For example, Bob Allen made his first book, "Nothing Down," a
best seller by making an outrageous claim. He offered the
following outrageous challenge: "Send me to any city in
America, take away my wallet, give me $100 for living expenses
and in 72 hours, I'll buy an excellent property using none of
my own money."

The Los Angeles Times took him up on his challenge. The
results? With an L.A. Times reporter at his side, he bought
six properties worth $622,000, all in less than three days
using none of his own money!

The publicity from his outrageous claim and the fact that he
met the challenge led to his book "Nothing Down" quickly
becoming a best seller.

Another example is from my friend Dr. Paul Hartunian. He wrote
a book on dating with the claim that he could help anyone find
the love of their life in 90 days or less.

One of the interesting things about Paul's claim is that he
believes that if you use his techniques, you will actually
find the love of your life in 30 days or less. HoweverFree Reprint Articles, he
knows that if he made that claim -- that you could find the
love of your life in 30 days or less -- no one would believe
him. So he extended the time to 90 days in order to be
believable. He's done hundreds of radio shows and helped
countless people find the love of their lives in 90 days or

Think about it: "What outrageous claim can I make that I can
support in a dramatic way?" Then go for it.

My goal in writing this article is to expand your thinking.

Take these examples of people using outrageous marketing and
having phenomenal results -- and apply them to your business.
You can do this too!

(c) Copyright 2002 Audri G. Lanford. All rights reserved.
Reprinted with permission.

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