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Tuesday, April 7, 2020
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The application of podocarpus extracts in cosmetics

Wild podocarpus is an inherent variety in Japan. With its beautiful tree type, it becomes top three of trees in the world and is popular among the people. In plant taxonomy, takano podocarpus is also a strange plant identify from fossil unearthed.

It once throughout the whole region of the northern hemispher millions of years ago. However, as the cold weather’s geographic distribution becomes narrower, only the one locating in warm kuroshio of Japan survive in present. The takano Podocarpus had been used as building materials, shipping materials, bath barrel and other processed timber since ancient times. It is also famous for its antibacterial effect. But there are not detailed investigations on the validity.

As we all know when the ultraviolet radiation to the skin, the skin will produce reactive oxygen species, their superoxide by SOD unevenly into hydrogen peroxide, and further to produce light free radicals (hydroxylradical). These reactive oxygen species astaxanthin on the cell can cause protein denaturation of DNA oxidation obstacles the disappearance of wrinkles and dark spots, skin texture, elasticity of the lower skin and cause of the problem. Therefore, the reactive oxygen species produced by the organism, a variety of antioxidant enzymes have biological defense function, and how to prevent the oxidation barrier in vivo has become the key to prevention and treatment of skin problems.

At this point, an antioxidant glutathione intracellular verified effect Takano Podocarpus extract. Petri dish 60mm in normal human skin glands-dimensional bud cells (NBIRGB) the reach sx10scells/wen, were inoculated with medium containing 5% FBS, 24 hours of culture at 37 ° C, 5 worry conditions, followed by exchange medium and add the sample, the recovery of cells after 24 hours, crumble, the amount of glutathione in the cells to use totalglutathione quantitative devices based on a quantitative colorimetric quantitative method. Glutathione in cells without adding samples to calculate the amount as 10 in russian.

The Takano Podocarpus extract treated cells, with the concentrations have a beneficial increase in glutathione content of the phenomenon, it is clear, and takano podocarpus extract to promote the role of glutathione to produce.

Through a series of evaluation results, it determines that the takano podocarpus extract has an antioxidant function and defense effect from oxidative disorder fibroblast cells from. It also promotes the glutathione production. Reports indicate that glutathione is an intracellular antioxidant. Glutathione can reduce sunbern. Skin lb which is brought by UV is related with oxide stimulation. So improving the glutathione in skin cell has significance of protecting the skin from UV damage. Meanwhile, takano podocarpus extract has a preventive antioxidant, function for directly complementing the free radical anti-oxidation and increasing the cells’ bio-defense function. It has played an antioxidant role.Source:

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