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Tuesday, April 23, 2019
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They Took Minutes to Fix and Yielded Huge Results...

Today I'd like to share with you just two tiny changes Imade in my online marketing campaign recently. While thechanges I made took literally minutes, the results havebeen nothing short of spectacular.

Chances are, you are making at least one of these twomistakes as well. If so, I urge you to fix them as soon aspossible. I promise you'll be thrilled with the results.

MISTAKE 1: Sign up form missing on home page...

For over two years my main page did not contain a signupform for my email newsletter. Sure, I had a link to my sampleissue, which contained a signup form, but I never got aroundto adding the short form to my main page.

THE FIX: I added a short sign up form with a testimonial onmy main page and my new subscriber signups nearly doubled,from 300 a week to close to 600. If I had smartened up a yearago I could be at 50,000 subscribers now, instead of 35,000.

Learn from my mistake! If you are not using a signup form onyour main page to collect email addresses of your visitors,you are making a big mistake. It really is as simple asasking for their email address using a "formmail" script onyour web server. Most web hosts offer that basic script forfree.

MISTAKE 2: Including the same signature file with alloutgoing emails...

A signature file is simply a short "footer" (usually 3-5 lines)that you write yourself. The signature is included in at thebottom of each email message you send and it is an excellentway for potential customers to learn about your products andservices. When done properly, your signature can constantlymake sales for you.

Although most online marketers know how to use a sig file,nearly all are limiting themselves with this tool. Here'san example of how I was limting my own sales...

My old Signature was one of those boring 3 line sigs withcompany name, contact information and URL.

Any time I replied to an email message it included that shortsignature at the end. Sure, I dabbled with other longer sigsbut I never noticed much of a difference. That is, until Iwised up and started targeting my sigs to each prospect...

THE FIX: Rather than use the same sig with every email, Inow select from a menu of four separate signatures. Each oneI created is geared to assist different people. It's usuallypretty simple to tell from an email message what type ofproduct or service each person may be most interested in.Now, before I click "send" on any message, I simply useEudora's drop down menu and select one of my four pre-written signature files.

I suggest you take a few moments to set up three or fourdifferent signatures right now. Each one will be a mini-addesigned to assist specific customers and prospects. Thesigs should also carefully promote each of your top productsand services.

Tip: I've found that writing the signatures in a "P.S." formatcan be very effective since it looks like part of the emailmessage itself.

Once you're done setting up some sigs, put them into action.That's the easy part... Before you click "send" on any emailmessageHealth Fitness Articles, select the signature that would fit best with therecipient's needs. You'll quickly find that each client youdeal with really does fit in well with one particularrecommendation. This simple strategy can increase your onlineincome more than you can imagine!

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