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Wednesday, December 1, 2021
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Work Hard Wisely For Success

This past week, I had another ezine ... me and ask if I would be willing todo an ... for an article he was ... am telling you this because one of the ... he asked got th

This past week, I had another ezine publisher
contact me and ask if I would be willing to
do an interview for an article he was writing.
I am telling you this because one of the
questions he asked got the light bulb blinking.

The question "How did you learn what it takes
to succeed?"

The list of questions I was provided, all
pertained to my experiences on the internet.
In the spirit, so to speak, of the line of
questions, there was no doubt the question
was directed at how I had learned to succeed
on the internet.

Yet as I pondered the question, the answer
seemed to be appropriate for every success that
I had achieved in life. Of course some of the
specifics were different, simply because of
the tasks involved, but the overall picture
was the same.

When I decided to take the plunge into the
Internet marketing world, I knew I would be
successful. How did I know? Because I was
going to do whatever it took to get there.

I know some of you are thinking that means
running over people, taking people's money
anyway you can. Anything to be successful.

That is not what I mean at all. That comes
down to a sense of morality. Do you feel
comfortable treating people like that?
If you feel that is success, you need to
go back to the big drawing board of life.

What I am taking about here is putting forth
the time and energy necessary to succeed.
Success is within everyone's grasp if they
are willing to put forth what it takes to
get it.

It still totally amazes me how many people
are looking for some miracle that is going
to make them successful. Success comes from
hard work. If you want to be successful on
the net or any other venture of your life,
make it happen.

Of course you also need to learn what to
work hard at. I have many people tell me
about the long hours they put in working
a marketing business and still are not
making any significant money.

Building a business takes time. I don't
care if it's on the internet or down town
New York City. Just make sure you spend
your time accomplishing something.

What do you spend your time doing? If you
are getting closer to your goal of success,
then maybe you are spending your time doing
the right thing. If you are no closer to
your goals then you were a month ago, maybe
you need to take a look at how you spend
your time.

Learning to spend your time wisely is
one of the most important lessons you will
ever learn. You've probably heard this a
number of times in your life. Yet so many
work blindly towards a goal they will
never reach.

How do you learn to spend your time wisely?
Look around, how are the successful people
spending their time? Are you spending your
time like them or are you spending your
time like the other 95% who will end up

How do you learn how to spend your time in
the most efficient way? My advice is to
spend more time seeking knowledge and less
time doing tasks that aren't producing

Spend an hour learning and an hour putting
what you learned into practice. Ninety-five
percent of the timeHealth Fitness Articles, you are going to
accomplish more than the person who spends
two hours working blindly.

Work hard to succeed but learn what to work
at from those who are already where you
want to go.

How did I learn how to succeed? The same
formula that everyone else who succeeds

Work hard wisely.

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