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Tuesday, April 24, 2018
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Even via modern scientific techniques God’s nature, aim and activity cannot be defined or understood. This is because cosmic consciousness or God is present not only subtly in every pore of the cosmos...
Modern science may have yet not unfolded the mystery of consciousness which is the substratum of human existence and yet it has blessed world humanity by making them think very deeply. Science encoura...
Certain people hold different types of gifts, but they are all equally as important as the last and many people need to attune themselves to get in touch with their inner gifts. It's true that there a...
Every atom of our material world works on the basis of a well defined cosmic law. Assuming that even a minute deviation from this law takes place, the very existence of this gigantic cosmos will floun...
Modern science even today is incapable of unearthing the subtlest principle of matter. For example when the atom was broken up a gush of energy emitted forth. And yet even today science has failed to ...
Those objects that are not capable of absorbing any color appear white in color. All the unabsorbed colors get reflected from the object and enter our eyes. All these colors being an admixture appear ...
Know for sure that man’s true powers lie not in this physical body made of flesh, blood and bones but that they ooze in the deep recesses of his soul. This vault of soul power is so great that all the...
Modern science uses scientific techniques to prove many ancient beliefs and superstitions as false. Yet if modern science believes that their 5 sense organs are the final proof of all research  know  ...
Superstitions of the Christmas holiday season; including history behind the Christmas Tree, decorations, the Yule Log, welcoming Father Christmas, being born at Christmas, and much more.
For those who wish to learn their life purpose, for self-enlightenment journeys. You DO have a mission here on this Earth ... but what exactly is it?
Article discussing the healing and metaphysical properties of the Singing Bowls from Tibet.
Skilled numerologists and astrologers can offer business executives excellent guidance when it comes to choosing the best timing, name or location for a project or business. When you combine thi...
In my dream world, there is a place for a corporate psychic, right along side the corporate psychologist and the head of Corporate security. Like the empath Deana of Star Trek fame, psychics would...
Every business is something of a gamble... by reading the possibilities and probabilities, psychics help you increase the odds of success
As a child most of us had dreams pertaining to super human powers and abilities, we thought what if we could fly, walk through walls, become super strong and super fast, become invisible, read oth...

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