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Sunday, January 19, 2020
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Woman Fathers Her Own Child is the Sabian Symbol for the 17th degree of Scorpio. Here it is described using the 7 Words System - a way of understanding the complexity of human interactions that can be...
Learn some facts behind the Salawa - That show this creature of cryptozoology may be a being from the spiritual realm
Archaeological evidence affirms that the mysterious Nazca Lines were made to attract, entertain, and guide the sky god of Tiwanaku. Tiwanaku was a city in the Bolivian highlands that existed contempor...
The surface of the sun where the temperature is less and there exists only cold and dark gloominess is called Sunspots. The temperature of Sun Spots is less than 2000 degrees Centigrade of the tempera...
The divine desire of ‘one becoming many’ created an explosion in the subtle world (not so far manifested). It is called Hiranya Garbha in the Vedas and Upanishads. From its womb manifested infinite ga...
Learn some facts behind the Nahuelito - That show this creature of cryptozoology may be a being from the spiritual realm
Out of body experience or astral projection is feared by a lot of people. 
If the individual is a spark, Almighty God is like a raging forest fire. All the qualities of this raging fire (God) are present in the spark (creature). At an apt time this spark can merge into the f...
The subtle world of consciousness is more vast and powerful than all the attainments of the material world put together. Material scientists no doubt found the keys of material forces of the subtle wo...
An article was published in the National Herald which said: Why do scientists have faith in God’s existence? The wise author wrote: Every atom of the material world works on the basis of a well define...
Have you ever heard about the legendary Hawaiian Menehunes? In Hawaii the Menehunes are called “The Little People of the Secret Power”. 
Our brain has been designed with such precision that none dare say that he/she can design a better one. We can definitely infer that a master intellect is at work when we see the retina in our eyes, e...
Even via modern scientific techniques God’s nature, aim and activity cannot be defined or understood. This is because cosmic consciousness or God is present not only subtly in every pore of the cosmos...
Modern science may have yet not unfolded the mystery of consciousness which is the substratum of human existence and yet it has blessed world humanity by making them think very deeply. Science encoura...
Certain people hold different types of gifts, but they are all equally as important as the last and many people need to attune themselves to get in touch with their inner gifts. It's true that there a...

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