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Monday, September 28, 2020
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Venus - The Planet of Love

In ... the planet Venus stands for our sense of ... the arts ... music) and how we interact in our intimate ... Venus is often in the same sign as the Sun since it ca

In Astrology, the planet Venus stands for our sense of aesthetics, the arts (especially music) and how we interact in our intimate relationships. Venus is often in the same sign as the Sun since it can never be more than 45 degrees from our natal sun sign.

When your Venus is in the same sign as your Sun sign there is a consistency in how you relate in your romantic relationships as well as in your day to day relationships. When the Sun and Venus are in two different signs, there may be a marked difference in how you relate to your significant other, showing them a different side of you than is usually revealed to the outside world. Venus is associated with the signs of Libra and Taurus.

Venus in Aires

With Venus in Aires you are likely to be an exciting, flirtatious and fun person to be around. You throw yourself into your relationships and it is not unusual for people with this placement to fall in love quickly. Marriages at a young age are also not uncommon.

You are extremely demonstrative in your love and both sexes thrive on the thrill of the chase. To live is to love to you and when your romantic landscape is barren you may become rather moody and irritable.

Aires is an impulsive sign and as such you will need to make extra effort to maintain long term relationships past their first infatuated stage.

Venus in Taurus

With Venus in Taurus you will be attracted to the finer things in life. You may have a tendency to overindulge your appetite for fine food, wine, luxurious surroundings and clothing, as well as the more earthy aspects of your nature.

You are a sensual person and nothing gives you more delight than reveling in all your senses. You are a consistent and constant lover, although you may have trouble in dealing with your feelings of jealousy and possessiveness if you find yourself feeling insecure within relationships. Having said that though, you are incredibly loyal and dependable with your loved ones, and often extremely fun to be around.

Venus in Gemini

Venus in Gemini leads to a need for excitement in all aspects of life. In a romantic relationship you seek a partner who can stimulate you intellectually as well as physically, and who will not cling too closely to you.

Your need for independence is strong and you react badly to possessive and demanding partners. With your wit, charm and keen flirting skills you have no trouble attracting people to you.

Even in a serious relationship you are not likely to alienate yourself from your friends to create a special world inhabited by just you and that special someone. You may appear fickle to others at times, flitting from relationship to relationship but you are seeking someone who can not only keep up with you but someone with whom your need for social interaction is not seen as a threat.

Venus in Cancer

With Venus in Cancer emotional stability is very important to you. Cancer is an extremely sensitive sign and at times a sometimes moody one.

You need to feel secure in your relationships and need a partner who will express and show you how much you mean to them. Without this demonstration of love and commitment you are likely to suffer immensely and to make matters worse, may even adopt a martyrs stance and pretend that the hurt that you feel does not matter. It does matter and you need a partner that will reassure you and treasure you.

Until you find a partner that can and will provide this for you, you will not feel fulfilled within your relationship. With your kind and sympathetic nature you should have no trouble finding another with whom to make a cozy and comfortable home. When you have this security within your love relationship you will dote on and cherish the object of your affection.

Venus in Leo

Venus in Leo is a theatrical and fun loving sign. Leos love attention and have an appreciation of the finer things in life. Leo thrives in love relationships and adores being pampered and the centre of their partners universe. Leos themselves are generous and charming in return and will lavish unstintingly of their time, money and of themselves to show their partner just how valued they are.

Unfortunately when a serious relationship does disintegrate, Leo in Venus will take this extremely hard and may become rather bitter over it. Although they attract a lot of attention and enjoy basking in the glow of other peoples admiration they are a loyal and faithful partner.

Venus in Virgo

Venus in Virgo produces a tendency to over-analyze your emotions. You need to feel incredibly secure before giving yourself within a relationship and are likely to come across as cool and shy until you do receive this feeling of assuredness. You don't like to take risks romantically and want to know that when you do take the plunge in affairs of the heart, that your partner has the same commitment to being faithful and constant in your relationship.

You want a partner that you can be truly proud of and one that will never embarrass you or show you up. Your ideals and expectations are high but you return these qualities in kind. Self sufficient, you would rather be single than settle for second best.

Venus in Libra

With Venus in Libra we find a charming and sociable personality that loves to be in love. Libra has an innate appreciation for beauty and harmony, and often has no problem attracting partners with their alluring and seductive charm.

A peaceful and harmonious environment is essential to people with this placement in their chart, as discord in relationships upset them greatly and could lead to nervous problems. You are an old fashioned romantic who loves to woo and be wooed and are apt to fall in and out of love rather quickly especially when younger.

You are a kind, and at times intuitive partner; able to empathize with your loved ones and willing to do all that you can to help and nurture your partner when necessary. Although your feelings are at times easily hurt you rarely hold any rancor as you instinctively realize that this will only bring more upset to your finely balanced need for harmony.

Venus in Scorpio

Venus in Scorpio brings an extreme intensity to romantic relationships. You are an all or nothing person. You demand and expect deep and total commitment from your partner, but return this in kind. You may have problems with feelings of jealousy and possessiveness. You may also find that a lot of partners will have problems in dealing with your need to feel in control.

Although you have a tendency to throw yourself wholeheartedly into your romantic affairs, you are always aware of your need to project yourself as being in control and of maintaining your dignity. Scorpio is often referred to as the ruler of sex and you are sure to have a personal magnetism that draws others to you.

Venus in Sagittarius

Venus in Sagittarius shows itself in a friendly, outgoing and freedom loving nature. You need your space, and relationships that move forward too quickly and intensely make you feel nervous and hemmed in.

You can come across as being rather carefree and disinterested in serious relationships. This is more likely to be a case of your not having yet met someone with whom you feel you can share your ideals and heart with but allows you the freedom to come and go as you please. Sagittarius is an honest and open sign and deep friendship is often the basis of any serious relationship that does develop.

Venus in Capricorn

Venus in Capricorn brings a solid, dependable and reliable nature when it comes to romance. You may be afraid of showing your true feelings and are unlikely to be overly demonstrative in public. This does not mean that you do not feel deeply or get emotional when the occasion warrants it. It is just in your nature to keep such things to yourself or to only share them with those that have earned your respect and trust. Capricorns are often extremely career orientated and it may be that they find true love somehow connected through their work. You seek a partner that you can respect and that has the same high ambitions and ideals as you yourself do.

Venus in Aquarius

With Venus in Aquarius you are likely to be extremely reluctant to tie yourself down to a committed relationship. You have a need for personal freedom and the idea of having to take another persons opinions and point of view into consideration is not something that sits very comfortably with you.

You are highly individualistic and may even have what others consider extreme or unusual ideas on relationships and what makes them work. Aquarius is a sociable and friendly sign and in any romance it will be necessary for your partner to be your friend, first and foremost.

Venus in Pisces

Venus in Pisces shows itself in a personality that is compassionate and empathetic. You have an affinity and need to help those that are less fortunate than you. Unfortunately this can at times lead to your being taken advantage of by less scrupulous people.

Romance is very important to you and you are a hopeless romantic at heart. When you do form a relationship with someone you are likely to fall for him or her quickly and to become emotionally dependent and reliant on them. You are searching for your soul mate and will not feel satisfied within yourself until you have found your otherFree Reprint Articles, the one that you feel you can share yourself totally with. This placement also gives you a deep appreciation for art music and other aesthetic values; you may even be quite talented yourself.

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