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Saturday, November 17, 2018
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Whats Nice About Meditating and Why It\\\'s A Possible Pitfall

Progressing in our spiritual, meditative walk can put us in precarious situations: our advance can become our undoing, unless we're vigilant and awake.

A Beauty of Meditation


A Hidden Problem


Phil Marnell

(Atlanta - 10MAY10) Searching for direction in our spiritual life can lead us down some "interesting" paths. It seems to be a natural state, though. Almost everyone searches. A case could be made that, indeed, everyone searches - and everyone finds. What, exactly, they're searching for and what, exactly, constitutes 'finding' is less easily categorized.

For this article, we'll assume that the reader, like the writer, is looking for meaning, for some sense of direction and a degree of understanding of what this whacky thing called 'life' really is all about.

Most great religious traditions include a strong emphasis on some kind of regular practice, pointing directly to, or implying something like 'meditation'.

It is a beautiful place to reach, this meditative state. It is not always so readily accessible, though, and sometimes seems downright unreachable. But, the combination of a gentle acceptance of oneself and a patient persistence will almost always bring one back into its being attainable.

Setting up a regualar place and time are important in practice.

And a most wonderful realization along the way is when it becomes clear that this 'thing' that is the "you" in the physical world is not the same as this invisible YOU. In a brilliant, quiet moment there is simultaneous separation - and union. Separation, from the physical world. Union as we come to see that "All" (including the physical world) truly is ONE, and that we are SO much more than the physical entity.

All at once, we can see that we are the pillar of light, free-standing in a cathedral of life. Sounds and distractions around us in the room suddenly seem to simply pass through us, and we watch them proceed with a smooth brow. It is beautiful, and it can be a sweet form of almost addiction: we'll want to be back here, touching the face of God often as possible.

As the practice evolves, we move forward on the path and it becomes de rigueur. A compacency is waiting to take the credit for ALL of everything - including God.

It's twisted logic and it doesn't shout out all at once, but the worst of the ego and the sweetest of the spirit are playing cards with our peace of mind on the table. Especially as newcomers to the whole process, the ego is almost always the better player. And before we're fully aware, we find ourselves out of the habit, out of the regular occurrence in time and place and back on the street of life, wondering what happened to our bliss.

But that cathedra door behind us swings both ways, though, and it swings both ways. And all we have to do is turn around and step back through it, and onto that upward spiral of growth, reestablish the connection, the calmness and the regularity. And more carefully and vigilanty watch and listen to creation unfolding right in the middle of us.  There is always a way, and a powerful tool for reaching for this clarity is available by visiting Excel i-CommerceBusiness Management Articles, and selecting 'HoloThink'.

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Phil Marnell is a entrepreneur, consultant and jazz trumpeter living in Atlanta, Georgia (U.S.). He has more than 30 years experience in a range of technology fields, and writes and consults in thought, technology use and impact on people and organizations.

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