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Wednesday, February 20, 2019
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Rank Me, Baby, One More Time

(ATLANTA, OCT2010)So you're learning about Google Page Rank and now that you know  basically what it means, you probably wonder how you can increase page rank for your site so you can get better resul...

(ATLANTA, OCT2010)So you're learning about Google Page Rank and now that you know  basically what it means, you probably wonder how you can increase page rank for your site so you can get better results in the search engine results pages (SERP's) and increased website traffic.  
The term du Jour is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) covering all facets of what it takes to improve a website ranking well in the search engines.  They include on-the-page content, along with  modifications to HTML elements like titles and meta tags.  In addition, there are factors that are referred to as offsite or offline SEO factors like social media, linking and co-branding.  
The ultimate objective is gaining a better page rank through the application of tools, knowledge and experience of an SEO expert.   
For websites ranking poorly (which, for our purposes, we'll say is anything past Page 3),  you want to do something to increase it – to make the site appear sooner and more often for the people using Google to look for something the site owner would like them to find. 
There are some techniques and proven methods which will almost guarantee a boosting of a websites page rank.  And they are all free.
ContentSometimes is seems that no matter how clearly explained the explanation of the value of content, webmasters and small business owners ignore the advice.  Google relentlessly crawls the web looking at page after page of – guess what? - content.   Their assessment figures prominently in  determination of page rank. So, content is one of the best methods of affecting page rank. The articles, posts must be relevant to the site topic. These should not be long documents.  They should be in the 600 – 900 word range (no shorter than 400 words).  The information should be relevant and – this is important – should have something called 'keyword density', which is to say that somewhere between 2 and 5 percent (2-5%) of the content should be words directly related to the subject of the site/page. Sounds complicated, but if you're writing for a skateboard site, would it make sense to write about your significant others dental flossing?  Think of it as targeted content for your business site.  Keep it salient and within these guidelines, and you should witness a positive change in page rank in a fairly short amount of time.
Quality LinkingSet a daily target of a certain number of extra links back to your site. In this way you will remember about getting extra links to your website and when you have done it, you can get on with the creation of more interesting, extra content.
"Read All About It!"Google likes sites that have the intention of offering their visitors hot or even breaking news in the chosen area about which the visitor wants to know. If you aspire to improve page rank as fast as you can, then be sure to post up-to-date information or news on your website.Writing a blog? Well, then, you'll have to maintain a steady supply of news, fresh for your  visitors to keep coming back to. Think outside the lines on your blog and come up with extra items with the intention of informing those who would be interested in hearing about your particular area.
“It's Not Nice To Fool Mother Nature”Google has the best-of-the-best of everything constantly hashing content on the web.  Copyright laws aside, if you try to game the search engines by spewing duplicate content in an attempt to drive traffic or influence indexing, you may find Google's reaction swift and punitive.  On the other hand, the search engines just adore new content – which fits well with the responsbility you have to create new content all the time. Are you generating material for a blog?  Make every attempt to put up new conent every day.  That will make the most powerful use of  spidering from Google.  And they'll see it as an indicator of your intention of keeping your location and site fresh with new content. 
It's the biggest single piece to SEO - your content and freshness.
"God Bless The Child Thats Got His Own!"Just like in life, there are no prizes waiting for people who don't work for them. If your aspiration is to improve your page rank and generate money from your website or your blog, you have to be ready to roll out new content every day.  And then - you'll succeed.  Google has its rulesBusiness Management Articles, expresses its notice with improved status.  Following these tips will prove beneficial to you as you work on getting an improved page rank .

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Phil Marnell is an entrepreneur, consultant and jazz trumpeter living in Atlanta, Georgia (U.S.). He writes at his website on the web, technology use and impact on people and organizations.

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