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Sunday, September 27, 2020
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MLM Training- The ONE SECRET to Success in Network Marketing

This will not be a very long article, as the Secret to MLM Success is not a long secret. Many people think that to succeed in network Marketing, you need to have the ultimate this, and the ultimate...

This will not be a very long article, as the Secret to MLM Success is not a long secret.

Many people think that to succeed in network Marketing, you need to have the ultimate this, and the ultimate that. You need an internet mlm prospecting system. You need the latest mlm training cds. You need the lastest mlm training book and tools and websites. You need to attend every seminar. You need the latest dvd. The Latest cd. You need everything that is coming out, as you are supposed to be learning and being educated.

Nothing wrong with any of that, as we sell them as well as a company, but they are NOT THE Secret to Network Marketing Success.

Not even close.

I was recently blessed to do a meeting in Florida, and was talking about recruiting in network marketing. Someone asked a great question:

"What is THE secret to Networking? Everyone seems to have a different twist, and a different 'secret.' My upline tells me one thing, and my sponsor tells me another. I go on training calls, and I hear something else. I listen to generic training cds and hear something else. It is all so confusing. HELP!!!!"

I was quite at a loss of words.

I really did not know what to say to that. But God always seems to come through ar the right time, and I started answering her question without realizing it.

All I said was--

"Everything you learn can help you, and all the trainers, upline, and sponsores you can learn from. You may even learn something today from what we are training on. But understand: If there is ONE secret to Success in this business, it is this:

"Hold a conversation with people about THEM, what THEY want in life, what THEIR dreams are, and then show them a SOLUTION that will transform their life. We call it becoming a 'Transformation Specialist.' DO NOT sell them anything. DO NOT recruit them. Simply keep the conversation spotlight on them, do not talk about you but talk about them, pour encouragement into them, and then show them how your business can CATALYZE that Transformation they are seeking in their life. Let them know that your business is not for everyone, but if it is for them you do not want them to miss it. Do not pressure, but instead, REASSURE them. Reassure them that their life can be more than they ever thought it could be. And then show them the path that is Transforming your life."

You are not there to sell them something or recruit them. Those transactions are the FRUIT of a Transforming Conversation.


If you are focused more on creating a Transformation in a person then a transaction, then your transactions will multiply.

Most distributors are totally focused on creating a transaction that will create a paycheck for themselves. Focus on transforming the prospect's paycheck and your paycheck will automatically be transformed in the process.

In simple words:

Hold a Transforming Conversation to create a Transaction in Network Marketing.

That is it. Every conversation and telephone call in MLM are potential Transformation Events. And this is a Higher Realm of working Network Marketing.



The Truth of what it takes to succeed in MLM?


Become a Transformation Specialist is Network Marketing. You will not only transform other's lives, but also your own in MLM and Network Marketing.


MLM Success Training

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