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Friday, February 21, 2020
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A Grand Conspiracy

A Surprise For Me -- A ... I took a long walk. The wind was warm and ... making me push ... against it as I walked. To my great ... when I passed a towering pine tre

A Surprise For Me -- A Symphony

Today I took a long walk. The wind was warm and wholehearted making me push energetically against it as I walked. To my great surprise, when I passed a towering pine tree, all the wind on the ground suddenly stilled. The only wind I heard was the wind whistling and singing high up in the swaying, green branches of the old tree. Harmony and melody.

News Flash: Tree And Wind Conspire

The tree and the wind were in concert. And, as they breathed together, they were a magnificent and powerful conspiracy.

Con-spire means to breathe together. “Spire” is a marvelous root word meaning breath or spirit. When things or people breathe together -- conspire -- great power is created. The law recognizes that power; conspiracy -- two or more people conspiring to commit an evil deed -- is in itself a crime.

Your Powerful Plot

What compassionate deed, what marvelous plot, what gentle intrigue, can you plan today with one or more other people? Perhaps you and your coworkers or family conspire to bring more laughter into the world. Maybe you start with smiles and the smiles explode into laughter.

Maybe you scheme to do things pleasant and pleasing for other people without their finding out who did it. Maybe you become a merry band of secret scouts throwing grin grenades when no one expects it.

When you and your merry band put your minds together -- conspire -- to make your world a more joyful place for today, there will be no stopping the imaginative ideas. Remember the power in breathing together for a purpose. Come together in harmony in your superb purpose, like the wind and the pine tree.

And today . . .

Gather up your team -- it need be no more than a dynamic duo of two -- and conspire, inspire, aspire. Devise a delight-filled scheme for those around you and put it into action. You will have the grandest of conspiracies. Make today a truly con-spiritual day. Have funArticle Submission, you creative co-conspirators.

©Copyright 2002 Stephanie West Allen

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Stephanie West Allen, JD, brings humor and motivation to associations and organizations.
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