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Tuesday, March 26, 2019
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... the ... tells us, means to have a ... of feeling, ... ... zeal or passion. InGreek and French it means to be ... It's origins are, andits first defini

Enthusiasm, the dictionary tells us, means to have a strong
excitement of feeling, something inspiring zeal or passion. In
Greek and French it means to be inspired. It's origins are, and
its first definition, comes from the religious. An enthusiast is
one who tends to become ardently absorbed in an interest--a
cause, object or pursuit. The real key to success is enthusiasm,
so, the big question of the day is, "What fills you with

What is it that inspires you to look forward to each day as you
wake up? What is it that gives you energy to stay up late and
get up early because of your passion for what you are doing?
What are you creating in your life that is so in tune with what
stirs your interest that you can hardly wait to do it? It would
be very sad if the answer was “Nothing", however, for most
folks, that is just not true. There is something that fires them
up. It may be their families, their careers, their hobbies,
their community service, their desire to travel. Whatever that
something is, it deserves a closer look.

You may have considered the possibility that what you are
passionate about can be turned into how you create your
financial means. You may have only thought of it as a hobby, a
respite, a refreshing balance to your career. Is it possible
that it could be more? Would you want it to be more?

I've often suggested here that you find those things that are
most important to you, and center your life around them.
Enthusiasm is to be found where those most important things you
value reside. These are the things that light you up. It is easy
to know what lights you up because you know the feeling, no
matter how fleeting. Just before the rational mind starts
convincing you that you are mistaken, your heart soars for a
moment. Your eyes light up and you hear that "Yes!!!" from deep
inside. This is the seat of enthusiasm. Grab it, examine, it
and, above all, do more of whatever it is that creates it!

For today, no matter what the rational mind says, look and
listen for the places, events, ideasFree Articles, people and activities that
make your heart shout that loud "Yes!!!" . Spend some time
deciding how to bring more of those things into your life. You
deserve to live enthusiastically.

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