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Wednesday, April 24, 2019
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How To Reach Any Goal You Set Without Lowering Your Expectations

Word Count: 373Character Width: 60Resource Box: DARE To Be Happy Book OR Bio & Link==========================================================="How To Reach Any Goal You Set Without Lowering Your Expec...

Word Count: 373
Character Width: 60
Resource Box: DARE To Be Happy Book OR Bio & Link


"How To Reach Any Goal You Set Without Lowering Your Expectations"

- by Veronica Lim

(c) Veronica Lim. All Rights Reserved.


In 1986, Stu Mittleman set a world record for the 1,000-Mile
Run, covering the distance in 11 days. When asked how he
achieved it, Stu said that he hadn't run 1,000 miles; he had
run just one mile a thousand times.

And that is how to reach any goal you set without lowering
your expectations - by breaking down your goal into mini-
goals to which you have no internal resistance.

You see, when we set ourselves a goal, especially "the big
one" that we feel we really want, it can be daunting. Too
much internal resistance comes up with thoughts along the
lines of, "But how?"

As a result, we feel "discouraged" or some other "not-so-
good" feeling, and because we don't like that feeling, we
can end up lowering our expectations or giving up on our
goal altogether.

So, start by breaking down your goal into a mini-goal -
something that you can handle and that you feel is
achievable; a mini-goal that you feel good about. Then set
yourself a deadline and go for it.

Forget about the rest of your goal for the time being. Then,
when you've reached this mini-goal, set the next one... and
then the next one... and then the next one etc. Celebrate
achievement of each mini-goal you set with as much feeling
as you would if each of them were the big one!

Many people make the mistake of discounting the small events
along the way, thinking that it was easy or that anyone
could have done it, and so they don't really count. At other
times, they just keep thinking about "the big one" and they
miss all the elements that have already come together.

Sometimes, they may even beat themselves up for not having
yet achieved their big goal, getting impatient, and failing
to notice that they already achieved many mini-goals to be
proud of.

It's rather like the mountain climber who never notices the
mountain they've just climbed because they're only looking
at the one they are just about to climb next.

Each mini-goal, no matter how small, and no matter how easy,
will contribute towards the big one.

Just as each step contributed to each mile that Stu
Mittleman took when he ran 1,000 miles did.

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Veronica Lim is a leading author, speaker and executive
coach with homes in London and New Zealand. Veronica
went from zero financial assets and a mindset of financial
worry to having a clear sense of financial well-being in
less than five years. She now teaches people how to do
the same in her book, DARE To Be Happy...

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