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Wednesday, February 20, 2019
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Inspired Organisms

One of my many favorite expressions is “For all  that is important, look within myself.”  No, I do not claim to know everything...I look within myself to recall what I felt as a child, when the world ...

One of my many favorite expressions is “For all  that is important, look within myself.”  No, I do not claim to know everything...I look within myself to recall what I felt as a child, when the world was young to me, when I went outside one day and beautiful white stuff was falling all around and on me...I had no inkling as to what it was,  The  axions and dentrites in my brain made all of the necessary connections and sent the message to my conscious mind that whatever it was, it was going to be fun. 

As I grew older, I had seen other little ones like me riding on something that mom and dad called a bicycle, and when I had my first opportunity to ride one, it did not matter how many times I fell, I only knew that I had to get back on that monster because I knew it was going to be fun.

One day, I discovered that I could run so fast that I felt like I could outrun anyone in the world.  It seemed to me that I was somehow in another place, the wind would blow through my hair, I felt no pain, and just knew that if I kept trying to go faster, I would soon run right into some place no one else had ever would all be mine, and mine alone. 

And then one day, nature took it's course.  Walking into a “teen town”, my eyes met the eyes of a girl named Barbara. Sure, I had dated other girls, and had danced with many of them; but there was just something about Barbara that brought my current world to an abrupt stop, and sent me into a place I can only name as entire being locked in on her, and it was a foregone conclusion that I had to be with her for all eternity.

We all experience situations such as the above many times in our lives, especially when we are young.  But as we are all  aware, there are always all those negatives that seem to crop up almost constantly. What we soon come to believe as the “real world,” slowly but surely creeps deeper and deeper into our lives...and then suddenly, oneday, we wake up and happiness seems to have faded away...our childhood inspiration for the new and the wonderful has just disappeared!

However, my happy self is here now to tell you to cheer up, for that fantastic inspiration that made your life so eternally beautiful has not disappeared---it is still there deep inside you.  

Trust me, all you have to do is sit, or lay down somewhere you can be alone, where it is nice and quiet.  Close your eyes, and picture yourself in a are heading deeper and deeper into your childhood...keep going!  You are searching for that first snowfall, a time when you were running as a child, your first bicycle, the first time you saw a bunny rabbit or a kitty cat.  When you met your first love.  Don't quit until you find it – you will!

Now that you visualized it, do you realize what you have done?  You have just discovered the secret to being happy at least 98% of the time for the rest of your life!

The secret is how you viewed your life, how you approached everything that always discovered a way to solve a problem, because it didn't even cross your mind you were a failure, you just tried another way. If the first time didn't always considered someone you met as a were always eager to try new things, to travel to new places, to go where you have never been before...because you expected  “happiness” from everyone and everything.

When we expect happiness, our minds seem to automatically program us to do what is necessary to make it that way. And that in turn automatically inspires us to be happy, and not allow anyone or anything to affect our happy attitudes and actions.

Plus, the happiest part of all is, as long as we keep expecting happiness in our lives, our minds will continue to program us for happiness, which will constantly inspire us to maintain a happy attitude, which will inspire us to constantly expect other wordsScience Articles, we inspire  ourselves into an almost perputual happiness organism.

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