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Friday, April 10, 2020
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Reach your GOALS

Obtaining your GOALS today to get results with plans to reach it. Do you want to be successful in achieving your goals? Take action, measure and adjust.

Focus on your GOALs today to get results with plans to reach it. Do you really want to achieve your goals successfully? Take action, measure and adjust.

Do you want to be successful in obtaining your goals? You have to set your purpose (WHY) for you to reach the Goal. What do you want to obtain from your goals. Where do you want to get to after obtaining your GOAL. You must have a strong objective why you want the reach that GOAL.

FOCUS equal Faithfully On Course Until Successful. - George Dans

A familiar example will be your navigation GPS Firstly you must know where you are right now, later key in the destination you want to go.

Get into the car with the GPS, drive towards (action) your destination. You can't say that I want to make $100 a day and just sit in front of the television. You have to get in to action with energy to achieve that $100 a day goal. For example you can find a job related to your passion, start a business online, internet marketting or conventional business, set up a physical shop etc.

Sometimes you miss a turn or took a wrong ramp when following the GPS, what do you do? You slow down or stop. Wait for the GPS will recalculate and once the GPS had done rerouteing you follow the new course. It does not matter if we hit a bump, a pot hole or the tyre puncture. The important thing is we continue driving towards the destination.

You may face obstacles or hurdles along the way, it's OK, that's just part of life. Just slow down and find solutions to clear the obstacle, eg. hire an expert, get educated, get back your health, get a life coach. To obtain your goal faster with less hurdle, it's wise to engage a professional coach. Just like all rich and successful people be it singers, atheletes, business people all have professional coaches to guide them.


Training and managing your own mind

is the most important skill you could ever

own, in terms of both happiness and success.

Having a plan in your head and writing down the plan will lead you to it. The purpose of writing a plan on paper (or ipad) will wire you subconscious to follow the plan (path) plus you want your plan to be in front of you so you can view it everyday. Like the GPS, you put it on the dashboard in front of you so you know where you are going and can stick to the course.

Sometimes it helps to put a time frame on your goals. If you say “I'll do it tomorrow”, well tomorrow never comes. Our subconscious will always delude us, be it fear, laziness or bad habits. Human are wired to procrastinate since thousands of years ago, to keep us safe from danger. You must get out of your comfort zone (safe area) and take action now. Set your goals small for a start and set a time frame. The reason being your mind have to believe in it. You must believe you can achieve that goal. Just like a baby, they start with crawling, sitting, standing and finally walking. Once the are good at walking they can even run and jump.

Drive safe, follow the rules. Stop signs, speed limit, traffic lights. Just like driving, we want to reach our destination safe and free. Learn what is legal, you don't want to reach your Goal and end up in jail.

You want to share you goal with like minded people, “Birds of a feather flocks together”. You want to admire the rich and successful people if that is your goal. If your car you can car pool with people whom want to reach the same destination. They may have different expertise or background it OK as long the destination is the same. If you sit around and emulate Mr. Couch Potato, guess what will you be after a while.

Your car needs fuel to move forwardHealth Fitness Articles, likewise is the same for you. Motivation couple with positive energy will propel you forward.

Set up a powerful purpose with passion and clear objective will set your path on achieving your GOALS

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