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Saturday, October 16, 2021
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No Money Promotion that Quadruples Product and Service Sales in Four Months

No Money Promotion that Quadruples Productand Service Sales in Four MonthsJudy Cullins ©2003 All Rights Reserved.Better than such offline promotion as press releases, talks, orbook reviews?Better than...

No Money Promotion that Quadruples Product
and Service Sales in Four Months
Judy Cullins ©2003 All Rights Reserved.

Better than such offline promotion as press releases, talks, or
book reviews?

Better than search engine placement, banner ads, ezines and
news groups?

Yes! The number one way to promote your self and your
products is through informational how-to articles that you send
to hundreds of opt-in ezines, announcement groups, and Web

Content is still King on the Internet. People want your free
information. That is why they go Online. When they see your
useful, unique information, they will be more inclined to buy
your books or other products.

Where to start?

1. Find an existing article or excerpt.

First, look through your files for information already created,
or check out interesting parts of your already written book.
Take the excerpts or parts and think of what audience they
will help.

2. Target your article to your Web site buyer or other group
that will buy Online.

Without a specific audience such as entrepreneurs or small
business people, your article may lose cohesiveness and
continuity. People loose interest if your article is disorganized.

3. Write a new introduction for your article.

Mention your audience's main problem. What questions do
they need answered? If you don't give them benefits with
how-to's, valuable resources, or tips, they will delete your
message. Be sure to answer their challenges and needs.

4. Write what the ezines want.

Reach 25 opt-in ezines plus reach 500,000 subscribers to
Web site ezines daily. Most opt-in ezines, article
announcements, and Web sites that use articles from
500-1500 words for new content. They want you to write
them with up to 65 characters per line. To be published,
what you send out must be useful, interesting, and
written is a simple way.

5. Write for your audience.

Some people like conversational articles. Others want it short
and sweet, so they can get what they want fast! They like
headings so they can scroll to what they want to read fast.
They like numbered tips that contain: the command—such as
Write for your audience. The next line gives a consequence for
not following your advice. The third part should be a short
how-to. Remember, you have a large online business
audience that wants all kinds of free information through articles.

6. Write a new introduction for your article.

An introduction leads to what you are selling. For instance
your first line should be an outrageous headline that hooks
your reader in. Include your major benefit here, or put a
shocking statistic, or analogy Make it one or two lines only.
Remember short paragraphs are a must for Online readers.

7. Give the background of the problem.

You need to catch your audience where they are. Mention the
problem they have. Perhaps it is procrastination. What are its
consequences? Include those. Write how many suffer from
this malady too. Include your audience so that they will read
on. Next you'll ask them where they want to be.

8. Write the benefits of your information.

If you don't give your reader a "reason to buy" they won't go
to your signature box and link back to where your products or
services are offered. For instance, the one main benefit to
writing Online articles is to quadruple sales within four months.
Other benefits include raising your credibility, gaining
subscriber and audience trust, and becoming a household

9. Add your revised article to the mix with a new conclusion.

Your last two or three lines either review your main points, or
add another reason why the information will help. You may
also include a consequence of not acting.

10. Finish your article with a signature file at the end that pulls
people to buy.

Weak signatures with an undistinguishable email address, long
paragraph of qualifications your reader doesn't care about,
and unclear offers will stop your sales immediately. Instead,
offer a useful free eBook or eZine that meets their needs. Did
I say benefits? Yes! Include a phone number, email, and Web
address if you have it.

Yes, it takes a little of your timeScience Articles, but these articles do make a
difference in attracting your target audience to whatever it is
you want to sell. They are convenient for you and your
potential customers. Another way to make it easy for them to

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