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Sunday, November 29, 2020
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5 Easy Ways to Extend the Life of Roses in A Vase | Melbourne Fresh Flowers

Description: Know about easy flower care tips and tricks to keep them fresh for a longer time. Explore effective ways to extend the life of cut roses.

Quick Tips & Tricks to Increase the Life of Roses in a Vase

Roses are among the most presented blossoms that everyone loves to receive. The freshness and the vibrant presence of roses are unmatchable. That's the reason; we keep searching for effective rose care advice to keep them fresh as much as possible. You will find a long list of ultimate guides for what to do and what not to do. To simplify it for you and save time, we have picked the best rose flower care tips that will let you extend the life of roses while they are kept in a vase.

Buy fresh blossoms only

How much time the roses will stay fresh depends on what condition the flowers were bought. Whenever you buy flowers online, ask your florist to send from the latest batch as they will last longer. If you are buying them from your nearest florist, carefully pick fresh flowers.

  • Avoid buying blossoms that have yellow or pale leaves. Figuring out the freshest batch of roses at your florist shop is easier than you think:
  • Make sure that the receptacle (which is the thickened area of the stem) is substantial and the rose head is not leaning on any side.
  • Pay your focus on leaves before you pick your favorite color roses for your loved one. If you notice the leaves are wilted or have holes in them, ignore such blossoms.

Petals of the blossoms need to be dense, fresh, and colorful. When you buy roses from your florist in Malvern, check the leaves from the middle part of it. If they are healthy and dense from the middle, they are safe to buy.

A clean vase is a boon for your loved roses.

Many people ignore the fact that just like us, flowers also need fresh air and water for survival, blossoms also need a clean environment. Take a glass vase and wash it with a pinch of baking soda to remove any present impurities. A dirty vase can lead towards the germination of bacteria which ultimately degrades the life of roses.

  • Fill the glass vase with luke-warm water and add a little bit of baking soda and vinegar. This fizzy combination will make the vase 'rose-ready'. Once the washing is done, take a soft cotton cloth to wipe the vase properly.
  • Some people also crush a few aspirin tablets and add them to the vase while filling water. This keeps the water fresh for a longer time.
  • The right water level also matters when it comes to extending the life of blossoms. Never fill the vase to its fullest capacity as florals will decay faster. It's among the best flower care tips you can use to keep them fresh.

So, next time when you receive your doorstep flower delivery in Melbourne or in another city you live, always make sure the vase is ready for use.

Trimming the stems

When you order Christmas Flowers in bulk, sometimes it becomes overwhelming to keep all of them fresh for a longer time. Trimming and changing water are two simple steps you can follow to extend the life of cut roses.

  • Prolong the life of cut flowers by changing their water every alternate day. The simple rule is— whenever you change vase water, cut the step by almost an inch. The science behind this is quite simple, the shorter the stem, the longer the rose life.
  • While you cut the step, don't cut it flat, always trim them at a 45 angle. Doing this helps flowers to circulate water in a better way.
  • Cut the stems of roses under running water or inside a bucket full of room temperature water. This little extra thing doesn't block the xylem capillaries. It's a significant part of a useful flower care guide that you can follow for longer rose life.

For this festive season, you can also order a poinsettia in Melbourne to deck up your place with this exotic novelty. This plant goes well with your other charming Christmas decor.

Other important fresh flower care tips
  • Another simple way to extend the life of cut flowers kept in a vase is by removing the leaves from the stem. Removing the leaves ensures the roses and other flowers will not rot faster.
  • Leaves that are submerged in water for too long lead towards faster decay, and it impacts the entire floral arrangement. So whenever you buy or send flowers online, always remove the leaves before decorating.
  • While keeping the rose arrangement in a vase, make sure the temperature is cold, and they are not in direct contact with sunlight. Too much direct light can damage the rose or any other flower's petals faster.
  • Never keep any blossom in the fridge for more than 24 hours as it will do more damage to them. Always first, remove the wrap and let them rest in freshwater. So, whenever you get your upcoming flower delivery in Melbourne or another city, make sure they have a favorable environment.

This festive season, extend the life of your lovely roses by following the above easy steps. Send flowers in Melbourne to your loved ones and give them a sweet surprise. And yesArticle Submission, don't forget to share these simple tips with them.

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I am Rajani from Malvern, Australia. I am a professional florist in Melbourne Fresh Flowers for the last 5 yrs. I won a Gold prize at the Australian flower and garden show in an intermediate category in 2018 which gave me the confidence to boost my creativity. I have worked with few family friends for events, weddings, and started supplying bouquets and posies at the best price and quality.

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