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Sunday, January 23, 2022
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Are You Awaken To The Side Effects Of High Heel Shoes ?

The fad for high heel shoes will be always there in women. But how many of them are aware of the side effects of this fashion accessory ?

The fashion of wearing high heel shoes continues to be most popular style that has fascinated every woman. Women of all ages feel proud of wearing this pair of fashion attire that makes them look taller.

It is true that a beautiful pair of shoes can change an individual`s attitude and silhouette. In fact, shoes are no more mere accessories to cover the feet, but the essential part of a women`s fashion that reflects her personality. As the high heel shoes have always been in fashion statements for women, you will find many women going crazy about them, ignoring the adverse effect that the shoes can create on their health.

Undoubtedly, a pair of high heel shoes can transform the appearance of a woman`s leg as well as her overall personality. They can also do wonder to make you look sophisticated and sexy. But have you ever thought about the health hazards associated with wearing the fashionably mould high heel shoes? Why most women complain of several kinds of pains for not being able to choose a right pair of shoes? Health experts across the world are unanimous about the fact that the fashionable shoes with high heels are the cause of several types of troubles in women.

First of all, these shoes don`t allow the feet to remain in right position and shape while walking. According to a survey conducted by Dr. Oliver Zong, a Podiatrist in New York City, an average person walks around 8,000 to 10,000 steps a day. From the statistics, you can imagine the amount of wear and tear that our feet are exposed to. Wearing high heel shoes can be another cause added to it to create lasting problems for the foot.

Many fashion-conscious women would prefer ignoring the health point associated with wearing high heel shoes to garner attention with their striking appearances. Here are some of the side effects of the high heel shoes:

* Women wearing high heel shoes are subjected to consistent pressure on the bones of legs and knees increasing the chances of them being damaged soon.

* If you constantly wear high heel shoes, chances are high of causing foot infections and in-grown toenails.

* Balancing the body wearing shoes with high heel requires throwing your weight forward. This may deform your natural posture. Some women complain of pain in waist and legs which are result of wrongly balanced posture of the body.

* As the high heel shoes squeezes off blood circulation in your feet, it can cause pain in legs and feet after walking certain distance.

* The faster moving world has no time to wait for you. With the high heel shoes you are restricted with your mobility while chasing a bus or something else.

Actually, all most women in this world are aware of these problems and they have experienced the side effects of wearing shoes with high heels. Still, the voluntarily step into a pair of designer shoes as they can`t resist the temptation of wearing a beautiful pair of high heel shoes. But legs are important part of our body and they need equal attention and care as they bear the weight of the whole body. HenceFree Web Content, women should be careful while wearing high heel shoes just for the sake of looking fashionable.

If you are still obsessive about shoes with high heels make sure that the height of the heels is limited to one inch only. You can even restrict the duration of wearing them as well to avoid foot problems to certain extent. Choose the shoes that can prevent the foot from sliding forward so that you can avoid the pressure on your toes. But it is sure that the little care is not enough to evade the health hazards caused by high heel shoes.

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