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Thursday, June 21, 2018
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Bomb Blankets/Ballistic Blankets - How can they protect lives?

Do you know where all one can use a bomb blanket or ballistic blanket to contain the explosions? These are widely used in police and military operations as well as have industrial applications where there is a danger of explosion. Read to know more..

A Ballistic blanket or a bomb blanket is a particular blanket that is specifically designed to protect some life from bullet attacks, metal fragment, shrapnel, and etc. This ballistic blanket is commonly used in the military including used by police officers, SWAT team, FBI, armies, and public use like in the industry where there is a chance of explosion. This is an important thing that must be available during war situation or any dangerous situations. So, how can this bomb blanket protect people lives? In order to know the working principle of this ballistic blanket, you have to know what it is actually made of.

Material Used in Bomb Blanket

It is undeniable that most of the bulletproof protectors used in the military are made of the same material as it is also used in bulletproof vest and a ballistic helmet. The Bomb blanket is actually designed by using Kevlar or Aramid Fiber that is also used in ballistic vest product. This material was used since decades ago and now it has been developed to be applied in several bullet proof products such as bomb blanket. Kevlar is considered to be the strongest bulletproof material that is suitable for body protector. It also has vibration damping and can resist acid and heat up to 370 degree Celsius.

The Types of Ballistic Blanket

In the bomb blanket application, there are several types of ballistic blanket such as:

It comes with V50 17 grain 300m/s as the lowest level in its class that can resist a bullet attack that has a speed of 300m/s. Perhaps, when this blanket is attacked by a bullet that runs faster than 300m/s, then the helmet may not protect you.

It comes with V50 17 Grain 450m/s as a stronger ballistic blanket than the fragmentation bomb blanket. It means that the helmet can resist and break a bullet that strikes with a speed of 450m/s.

It comes with V5 17 Grain 550m/s that is stronger than level IIA and able to resist bullet with the speed of 550m/s. However, this does not belong to the strongest ballistic blanket. You may choose NIJ Level III as the stronger one.

This is the strongest bullet proof blanket compared to those four types of ballistic blanket and it is also able to resist a bullet with speed of 600m/s.

The Principle Work of Bomb Blanket

Now, you already know the material used in a ballistic blanket and the types of bomb blanket available in the market. So, how actually this blanket can protect against 9mm bullets, metal fragments, and shrapnel during a war situation or other dangerous situation that has a chance of explosion?

  • Reducing Kinetic Energy

The working principle of the ballistic blanket is quite similar to a ballistic vest because both of them are also made of the same material. The blanket will reduce the kinetic energy produced by the bullet until finally when the bullet hits the fiber layers, the material will absorb the energy so that the strength of the bullet will reduce and break the bullet on the plate.

  • Breaking the Bullet into Pieces

In some case, you may still feel the shot despite the bullet does not penetrate to your body because of the shock wave that is produced by the blanket material and then the bullet will be destroyed into pieces due to the strong material used. But, it also depends on the type of blanket you use. If the bullet is sharp and strong enough and you use the lowest level of the ballistic blanketArticle Search, then it may still penetrate it but it may not make you die.

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