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Thursday, December 5, 2019
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Christmas Ornament Storage Basics

If your Christmas ornaments are stored in a jumble in a cardboard box, then this is the article for you!  We'll explain how to properly store your ornaments so as to prevent damage and breakage while in storage.

Decorating the Christmas tree is a yearly tradition many families relish.  Often times, we have large collections of ornaments we have acquired over the years, each with a special sentimental value because it reminds us of a particular person, place, or time in our lives.  When the holidays are over, the tree and decorations are packed away, with many of us not putting a lot of thought into the way we store these valuable collections.  Haphazardly tossing fragile decorations into a box is a recipe for disaster, yet this is what a lot of us do.  In this article, we'll cover the basics of how to properly store a collection of Christmas ornaments so as to prevent damage and protect your investment.

Christmas ornaments will need to be stored differently depending on type.  Plastic or wooden pieces, for example, won't require as much padding and protection as glass.  One option for less fragile items is to arrange a single layer in a storage box or bin with a large, flat bottom.  Next, place some pieces of used tissue paper or blank newsprint over the top, and start a new layer.  Repeat this process until the box is full.

For delicate glass decorations, or those that might scratch if they rub together, alternative storage methods will be needed.  One method is to wrap each ornament individually in tissue paper before storing away, although this is time consuming.  Some ornament collectors use the original boxes for storage, which usually provides good protection and can help maintain the value of each piece.  However, if the boxes are not needed for value purposes, you can usually save space by getting rid of them and finding an alternate storage container.

For those in need of an inexpensive option for storing glass ornaments, consider stopping by your local grocery store and asking the produce department for some apple cases.  Apple cases are cardboard boxes fitted with honeycomb style dividers, and they are ideal for holding traditional round ornaments.  If you have oddly shaped decorations; however, apple cases may not work so well.

There are commercially available ornament storage containers, some of which can work quite well.  It's important to look for something that provides plenty of padding.  If you have decorations in a variety of odd shapes and sizes, you'll also want something that allows for such varied types of ornaments.  Hard containers can work well, provided they have some insulation or padding on the inside.  If you choose a hard container that is lacking such padding, you can always add it yourself by purchasing some inexpensive pieces of foam at a craft store and cutting to the right sizes.  Soft sided storage bags, on the other hand, provide the benefit of padding that's built in.

If you've never taken an inventory of your ornaments in the past, take the time to do so this year before storing them all away.  Document each valuable item that you have, preferably with a receipt and photograph.  If you have a very large collection, make it easy on yourself by arranging the decorations on a tabletop or white sheet and photographing groups of 10 to 20 at a time.  When you're done, take the documentation to your insurance agent, so they can add the collection to your homeowner's insurance policy.  In the event of a fire or theft, you'd be very glad to have such coverage in place.

Christmas ornament storage may not be something you've thought about in the past, but it's never too late to implement a new system.  Keeping your decorations clean and safe is also a way of protecting your investment in them.  While it can be initially time consumingComputer Technology Articles, providing good storage solutions for your holiday ornaments is well worth the effort and will pay you back over time with a collection that remains in pristine condition.

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