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Wednesday, October 27, 2021
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Heroes of the Corono period

The year 2020 will be the worst in the world due to the Corono epidemic, which is unprecedented in the last hundred years. The list goes on and on.              

More than eight crore people worldwide were affected by this great epidemic. More than one million and seventy million people have died of coronavirus. During such a deadly period, many socially responsible heroes emerged around the world. It is noteworthy that many of the survivors of the man-made war against coronavirus, especially those involved in this war, risked their lives.

 It can even be said that the world has found new types of warriors. Leading workers, such as cleaners and nurses, were involved in the war, knowing that their lives were in danger.

Physicians and medical staff

We know that more than three lakh doctors and medical staff have been affected by the disease, according to the World Health Organization. The lack of awareness and lack of medical equipment made them vulnerable in the early stages of coronavirus infection. They shone as heroes despite the fact that the nations of the world could not help the safety of doctors in the face of the Great Depression.

Cleaning workers              

Cleaners are those who are always forced to do daily tasks quickly. They are the next step for doctors to be in a situation where they interact with most people. Their excellent service is universally acclaimed. Corono was involved in the war without adequate equipment during periods of ubiquitous coronary infection.

Ration staff              

They brought government-provided groceries safely to the public during the Corono curfew, which lasted several days. Following the general curfew announced by the Indian government, there was no work, no money and no hunger. To alleviate their grief, the government distributed free food items through ration shops. He did not hesitate to call the ration staff the next heroes who distributed enough food items from house to house.

The police were the intensification of the disease that was originally taken by the Corono-term curtains. It is noteworthy that the guards worked 24 hours a day to prevent people from gathering in some harsh ways. In a time when there was no vaccine only the face mask worked as protection. Everyone praised the police for sleeping on the side of the road day and night to keep the Corono community at bay, constantly monitoring and intercepting people from outside the state.

Social activists              

The public needed the support of social activists to act more responsibly and raise awareness. The public work they have done in collaboration with the government is highly commendable. There was a shortage of food in the public curriculum. The social restrictions imposed by the government in times of great epidemics made them shoplifters and everyone elevated them as heroes.

The public              

The individual human order is the great strength of a society. The first weapon taken by the government to prevent the spread of a drug-free disease·        

Formal social space,· Always wear face mask· Avoid touching the nose eye mouth·         Frequent hand washing· Not going to public places unnecessarily .Due to the fact that almost everyone obeyed these commands, the great epidemic began to subside. Citizens, who are the pillars of a nation, obey their duties as instructed by the government. He is the protagonist of every citizen who has co-operated with every government effort in that regard.              

Even in these areas where the vaccine for coronavirus has arrivedBusiness Management Articles, the incidence of coronavirus is high and everyone should be included in the good plans laid down by their government and society as long as they do away with the deadly disease like plague and polio.    

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