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Sunday, January 23, 2022
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High Heel Shoes - The Feel-Good Factor For A Woman

No woman, true to her name can survive without sensuous high heel shoes. They are god`s very own gift to the women folk and so let them enjoy the glamour and style without any guilt!

Let`s face it! High heel shoes for women are hot, sexy and downright glamorous.

Ok, ok. We all know how high heels are bad for the posture, how we can twist our ankles miserably while tottering on them or how badly it can affect our spines; but, when it comes to the crunch, wearing a pair of high heels for a special occasion, do we really care about what the doomsayers keep harping on about the bad effects on our body?! Most of us don`t, for that occasional foray of madness of teetering on 5-inch heels when it makes us feel oh, so special. Wearing them can make even average people like us feel like a diva! And to the Carping Cassandras, the advice would be to try on high heel shoes just once and experience the transformation!

High heel shoes are mood uplifters. Which women amongst us will not appreciate the way it elongates our body, stretches our legs to infinity and gives us that supremely confident walk (practice, practice, practice!)? Not all of us are blessed with shapely legs and if high heel shoes give us the chance to resort to trickery of creating an illusion of slimmer and shapelier legs, why give it a miss? After all, even supermodels require help!

Short calves suddenly look longer, leaner and meaner when wearing high heels. The position of the derriere and the chest change giving a more sensuous posture and a more graceful walk. Petite women need not be looked down upon by tall, statuesque women; wearing a pair of high heel stilettos will do the trick of bringing them to the same level. They also need not look like midgets besides their tall (if) partners.

Can you imagine a sunshiny summer day without a flirty, summer dress? And what better to complement the dress than a pair of high heel strappy sandals? Whether you are lounging on a yacht (sigh!) or attending a smart luncheon, your high heel shoes are indispensable accessories. Even if you are just grabbing a sandwich in the office break, wearing high-heeled shoes to work occasionally will be a sure-shot antidote to all the office drudgery, unless of course, you are straight out of `The Devil Wears Prada` movie! Your office uniform, perhaps, consists of pencil skirts or trousers and teaming those with high heels will give you an air of authority, even if you are not the boss! And if you are the boss, so much the better; the power of feminine authority is never more evident than when clacking around in power suits and high heels and feminists can just glower!

Going to a party straight from office and no time to change; don`t worry, stash your high heels in your bag in the morning, put them on in the evening and whoa, you are ready to rock! High heel shoes can transform the drabbest of outfits into something personable. There is an aura about high heels and no amount of gloomy prophesies of a doomed health will take that away from them.

Have you ever wondered how those Latino sirens manage to move so gracefully when executing those sensuous dance steps? Besides being fleet-footed and naturally graceful dancers, their high heel shoes definitely contribute to the voluptuousness of their dance movements. But, if you are thinking on those linesArticle Submission, first put in some real practice with the shoes on before hitting the dance floor.

These killer high heel shoes were invented not for concealment but for flaunting as their only purpose are to make women feel good about themselves!

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