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Monday, December 6, 2021
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Perfume And Its Many Uses

Perfume has many uses, we use it to make us smell nice and also to attract a mate. The perfume business is now a billion dollar industry and is the second most popular gift to give a woman after jewelry.

Every perfume smells different on every woman; this is thanks to our natural pheromones which we release through our pores. This scent is also known as musk in animals, and is the basis for many of our most popular scents. Many of us find a perfume which we stick to for years and years, which becomes our signature scent, while others change their perfume like their underwear.

Perfume is categorized into three main categories; floral, oriental and citrus. What determines the category is the base ingredient used in the scent. Florals tend to be lighter and more used for day wear, whereas the heavy and exotic undertones of the oriental perfumes are marketed at evenings out at exclusive parties, etc. Most women have a vat array of fragrances to wear depending on their mood and the occasion, and many have perfumes incorporating each of the three categories.

The number of celebrities who are either creating or endorsing perfumes is growing all the time. Older stars perfumes are popular with fans of their age group, while scents endorsed by pop stars or young screen starlets are proving to be popular with all age groups, and mothers and daughters are being known now to share perfume. There are huge marketing campaigns and they are working, we are buying these celebrity perfumes by the boatload. The fact that our favorite stars wear these brands are obviously a big selling point, and we all feel special wearing these scents.

Some of the big perfume makers have one singular perfume that is renowned the world over. Think Chanel you think No.5, while others main fragrances are the designers name, such as Paco Rabanne. These are the type of scents which appeared decades ago and are still massive sellers. The Chanel campaign a few years ago starring the Australian actress Nicole Kidman was a mini movie shown in theaters across the world and brought Chanel to the attention of a whole new audience. The campaign cost millions, but the revenue is brought in ran into billions of dollars.

Not every celebrity endorsed perfume makes the grade however, which is good to know. By that I mean, that yes we like to wear the same perfume as our idols, but not if it smells rank! There are also some perfumes which are generally considered as smelling really pleasant, but for some reasons just haven`t sold well. There is no sure fire way to make a commercially successful perfume, although the marketing campaign obviously goes a long way.

Perfume has always been one of the most popular gifts for birthdays and Christmas. Although we will happily buy our lighter, every day scents for ourselves, we much prefer to receive the more expensive brands as gifts. As most perfumes can now be bought in gift sets, we can bathe in it, moisturize ourselves with and finally spray it. Whether you have your favourite signature scent, or you like to choose your scent depending on your mood, perfumes will never go out of fashionScience Articles, and that is something that you can bank on.

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