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Tuesday, April 23, 2019
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Bush vs. Kerry -- Negative Campaigning

As the ... race hits full ... so do the smear ... Negative ads are becoming more ... to each parties race as time goes on, it is ... This is starting to feel like ha

As the presidential race hits full throttle, so do the smear campaigns. Negative ads are becoming more important to each parties race as time goes on, it is degrading. This is starting to feel like hatred is the only way either opponent believes they can win. The two major parties have been spitting and clawing at each other since the end of the primaries.

I am a Democrat (actually farther left, but for the sake of voting I am a Democrat), but I still feel saddened by the way the election is being held by Kerry. During the DNC, Democratic National Convention, John Kerry said that he is tired of the negative campaigning and will run a full legitimate campaign for the rest of the way. Then later in the speech started to talk negatively about Bush, how can this be? Not only are his words degrading, but his whole attitude towards the election is. Indeed he does have to defend himself against such things being thrown at him from the opposite side, but he does not need to throw ammunition into the smoking gun.

On the other hand Bush’s boys are definitely not angels. Even before the Democratic Primaries hit main stream Bush was calling out Kerry as the winner and bashing him. Not only that, he as well as Dick Cheney have down graded Kerry’s efforts during Vietnam and his voting record.

Kerry’s medical records show that he was shot as well as had grenade shrapnel lodged inside his leg from a blast during the Vietnam War. How can someone call Kerry unworthy of a Purple Heart when something like this happens? None the less – if he did not get shot or had any medals or shrapnel in his leg, he still served for the United States in time of war. He should not be penalized thirty five years later, especially while his opponent was no where to be found during the same war.

Bush and Cheney have also stated that a Democrat would not be able to defend the country as well as a Republican would. To that, all I have to say is Woodrow Wilson and Franklin D. Roosevelt. Some other Republicans started the Swift Boat ads and continued to smear Kerry’s name even though none of the men claiming he lied on his reports actually served under Kerry during the Vietnam years.

Bush has also stated that Kerry is a “flip flopper” on issues. His reasoning for this is the Vietnam War, the No Child Left Behind Act and the Iraq War. All of these issues are very controversial. John Kerry did go to Vietnam, but he did it in order to serve the country as many other young men and women did. He came back and protested because he saw how wrong the war was… as many other young men and women did.

The No Child Left Behind Act is the same way. Many people supported this before it got settled in, now they oppose it. The bill was set up to look like it would help American schools by giving them money, but in fact none of the needed funds were given to the schools and many of them ended up closing.

As for the Iraq War… very controversial. Bush stated that Iraq was seeking Uranium for nuclear weapons, they weren’t. Bush stated that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, they didn’t. So after the USA finds these statements false, who wouldn’t change their mind besides the heartless?

I wish there was a different candidate who had a legitimate chance to win, but there isn’t. We must now ask ourselves which candidate will fulfill his duties and protect the United States, better the economy and help schools. Will Bush do these things? PerhapsScience Articles, but most likely? No. Will John Kerry? Yes.

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