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Monday, June 17, 2019
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In the Grand Divine Himalaya Mountains there are innumerable caves where if you sit with a serene mind you can hear Mantra chanting sounds. In such spots there was a time in ancient eras when done Mantra practices for very long time periods. The vibrations of this chanting even today are clouding that environment with a lot of intensity. These can not only be heard and experienced but that devotees can benefit a lot from them.

Mantras are called divine sound or Shabda Brahman and they are designed on the basis of mysteries pertaining to Sound Science. After which word by placing which another word in what manner which electrical energy flow shall emerge? This mystery has yet not been unfolded by Western Science yet our great Rishis of yore were well aware of this stupendous energy of sound. By placing words in a particular sequence via the mouth certain bodily parts get directed in a certain sequence. Further in certain knowledge based nerves, Yogic Chakras or subtle plexus, energy centers, glands and networks of their causal body certain types of movements manifest. Due to the action-reaction and upheaval of such movements a special type of electrical flow gets created in space. This very easily reaches various worlds or Lokas. It can easily contact demigods, divine worlds and divine energies. Due to Mantra Power great Rishis succeeded in attaining the supreme abode and rendering the individual soul into a cosmic divine one called Almighty God in layman’s parlance. Even today in our modern era every such success for just about all and sundry to render their lives in close proximity to Divine Energies is a mysterious medium.

Today’s modern scientists are well aware of the energy capability of sound. These scientists by unearthing the manner of movement of sound waves at a very fast pace in space have invented wireless gadgets and radar technology. These gadgets by the inspiration of electrical flow catch hold of waves running in space in an unruly manner. Further as per the wish of the inspirer the analysis of its speed, direction and distance is executed akin to a very obedient messenger. Mantras also can be termed ‘Spiritual Radars’. When ordinary sound waves have such potential then imagine the infinite deep import of Vedic Mantras since its words have been woven in a very scientific manner. Lest anyone truly understands the deep import and mystery of these words and sounds, if they act as per its teachings or else they become adept in mastering hidden wisdom and energies in them, for them this Mantra akin to Kamadhenu or the wish fulfilling cow can bestow just about anything. Maharshi Patanjali has in fact placed similar observations by saying:

‘Ekaha shabdaha samyag jnataha suprayuktaha swarge lokey cha kamadhugbhavati’

MEANING: By imbibing all round knowledge of the meaning of one word and by applying it in a correct manner we can attain heaven and all desires in our psyche. By saying that ‘Mantra param laghu’ it is believed that Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh and all other divine powers are under its control. Thus Goswami Tulsidasji of Ramcharit Manas renown too has accepted the great import of Mantras.

In reality Mantra Science is that pertaining to special well managed applications of sound energy that is the fundamental creative power of Mahamaya Prakriti or nature. The basis of its application is the mental resolve or Sankalpa Shakti and profound faith of the devotee. It is a mental resolve or Sankalpa Shakti oozing with deep faith that renders a Mantra alive, kicking and mobile. Great scriptures opine:


MEANING: Mantras ooze with wisdom aura and that they are pervaded by rays of consciousness. Hence by imbuing them with mental resolve or Sankalpa Shakti and profound faith it can be rendered supremely powerful. The more resolve based faith augments in Mantra Japa and chanting the Prana Energy flow that emerges from it shall be more terrific and conscious in form.

Mantras are a special network of sound waves. These waves can be seen via the Antardrishta Ritambhara Prajna or a divine intellect that can ‘see’ the inner subtle world. It has been found that sound waves of Mantra chanting possess a definite shape. It is on the basis of this shape that the deities etc of Mantras have been demarcated in great scriptures. Even modern research on sound waves has accepted the authenticity of observations made by great scriptures. A new branch of science has advanced further called ‘Semantics’ that researches into the form and shapes of various sound vibrations. In this realm research scientists have proved that every Swara (tone), Naad or sound and vibration gives birth to a special form and shape. Expert scientists like Huntington and Davie have concluded after due research that every unit of the cosmos has its own sound system and an electronic sound.

The technique unfolded to see the shape of sound vibrations as per Semantics, in it, Germany’s renowned scientist Ernest Cladnie has accrued special success. Via playing the violin musical instrument, he succeeded in manifesting beautiful pictures on sandy ground. These shapes on sand are called ‘Cladnie’s pictures’. A very similar application was executed by Switzerland’s well known scientist Dr Hans Jenny who used a ‘Ton scope’. Via this apparatus by focusing human voice or Mantra chanting sound on inert objects we can see its vibrations getting adorned stepwise in a 3 dimensional form. Dr Hans Jenny via many such applications proved that sound waves have a deep bond with shapes of things. In one such application it was witnessed that when ‘Om’ or Pranav Naad is uttered in the microphone a round shape manifests.

As per the opinion of experts in the realm of Mantra Science the utterance of Om by commencing with ‘Aa’ echoes so as to become ‘Au’ and finally reaches ‘Ma’. The echo of Ma not being sound on its own is but an amplification of the final musical tone. This sound is more powerful than all technology based sounds. By using it in a scientific manner consciousness can be uplifted in an all round manner. By uttering Mantras imbued with union of special sounds a definite type of sound wave starts flowing in the body, consciousness and cosmos. This influences the one who chants Mantras, the environment and people in nearby places. In the place where Mantra practices are carried out from there a definite repetitive sound wave stream starts flowing ceaselessly. The experience and benefits of these are attained just like that by people residing there. In the land of India even today there are many such sacred spots where in ancient times great Rishis had done penance and Mantra practices for very long time periods. As time lapsed by devotees residing in mountains and great saints on realizing the special stature of these sacred spots chose it for executing austerities and thus attained pinnacles of soul uplifting. In the same way in the Grand Divine Himalaya Mountains there are innumerable caves where if you sit with a serene mind you can hear Mantra chanting sounds. In such spots there was a time in ancient eras when done Mantra practices for very long time periods. The vibrations of this chanting even today are clouding that environment with a lot of intensity. These can not only be heard and experienced but that devotees can benefit immensely from them.

Sound is a directly tangible energy and very much like atomic energy, electrical energy, heat energy, lasers etc they too can be used in varied ways. Its creative and destructive applications are quite well known. A well managed usage of energy emerging from sound vibrations is executed in Mantra Science. In Mantra Power there is a special role of sound flow being apt. Hence in Mantras more than its word meaning greater importance is given to a well defined rhythmic proper chanting. The nerves etc of the mouth of humans are conjoined to bodily 6 Yogic Chakras and divine glands. Via Mantra chanting 6 Chakras, subtle nerve networks and divine glands get affected very much akin to one string of a musical instrument like guitar being twanged all other strings attached to it too start twanging. On various regions and centers of the body an inspiring influence of Mantra chanting done with a powerful mental resolve (Sankalpa Shakti) and deep faith can be noted. Further that Mantra chanted for a particular goal emits that particular type of level of sound energy.

According to expert Mantra Seers at the time of Mantra chanting the entire bodily center gets transformed into an energy center. It is along with the energy of sound that in Mantras the Science of Mobility and Speed has its own deep import. Along with Mantra Japa chanting a definite rotational movement of sound energy repeats again and again. This rotational movement gives rise to the Centrifugal Force which akin to a cyclone is conjoined to a terrific nourishing energy. The terrific stormy cyclone of sound energy emerging from Mantra Japa chanting via the power of resolve and deep faith on contacting divine conscious energy pervading interstellar space gathers manifold energy and thus the doorway of Sidhis or Divine Powers opens for the devotee.

In this manner Mantras can be termed a special network of sound waves or powerful groups of rays of consciousness that via its desired conscious flow become mediums of contacting that which is solid and dense. Hence in its method of chanting sacred sensitive sentiments, technique of JapaArticle Submission, sound energy and other vows related to devotional worship too have their own importance. It is when all these are followed assiduously that the inner personality of the Mantra devotee imbibes and makes good use of divine conscious energy emerging from Mantra Japa chanting.


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Shriram Sharma Acharya founder of the International Gayatri Family was a great Yogi seer and incarnation of God who wrote volumes of scientific literature mainly on spiritual subjects for world welfare and peace. For more scientific e literature pls visit    

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