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Wednesday, April 14, 2021
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The sun’s most visible and tangible charity can be experienced in the form of light, heat energy, power. In comparison to this visible charity the invisible flow of inspiration is  much more intense and profound. If one's inner being/soul is made receptive an understanding dawns that the sun is not only gives life but is also a teacher of how to live life wholesomely.

The sun’s most visible and tangible charity can be experienced in the form of light, heat energy, power etc. In comparison to this visible charity the invisible flow of inspiration is that much more intense and profound. If ones inner being/soul is made receptive a clear understanding dawns that the sun is not only a giver of life but is also an adept teacher of how to live life wholesomely. If we delve deep into the activities of the solar system and planets associated with it not only one gets a chance to understand the gigantic stature of the cosmos and the greatness of its creator but that we will understand also its method of teaching us how to live life in a balanced manner.

All the planets, galaxies etc of the cosmos are at work incessantly. Their very ‘life’ depends on this activity. All globes of the cosmos revolve around their axis all the while focusing on the central point of attachment. As a result they gain force and since they are related to that family they attain steadiness and protection. Further they revolve around the sun at the center too.

If the above activity is focused upon we will feel at least a wee bit the desire of that Divine Controller of the cosmos. We must put into practice all that it teaches us in an enthusiastic manner. Planets and satellites rotate around their axis. One should look upon the apt arrangement, discipline and order of ones life like the rotation of the planets around their axis. If this rotation lacked speed planets etc would surely face disaster. The same can be applied to human denizens. If they imbibe activities which are listless, deranged and unruly it will go against the very aim of creation. Thus nothing but punishment will add to our woes. A chain of asteroids are seen to move disconsolately in this universe. Hence they have been meted punishment in the form of losing their very identity for transgressing certain basic cosmic laws.

It is just not good enough to rotate on ones axis or to be immersed in ones day to day entangling chores. One should also pay attention to the point of focus i.e. society at large. All planets revolve around their center i.e. the sun devoid of indolence and full of alertness. Man too must be alert and active so that he too can carry out his appointed duties towards society. All planets of the solar system gain a lot from the sun. If this were not to be true planets would become dead and inert. Similarly if society refrains from executing charitable acts man would not remain alive even for a day. When joy and comfort come our way, know for sure it is not a one man show. Man can remain advanced and prosperous only if he/she has the full backing of society. Thus if man pursues individual gains he also has the responsibility of nurturing his center i.e. society and the world. Further if the solar system too refrains from giving aid the sun’s very existence would be in dire shape. Therefore planets must rotate and revolve around the sun alertly and in turn the sun gives them ample aid to maintain their balanced existence. This mutual benevolence is the very backbone of the successful existence of the solar system. If it were to break apart definitely the solar family would face extinction.

This type of balanced and optimal management should exist as far as world society and its individual members are concerned. The very mould of society should be firm enough to help individuals progress and the latter in turn must contribute to world peace and prosperity. Such a tandem is seen in the solar system and therefore our world and its individual members too should imitate the apt balanced management seen in the solar system.

It is man’s good fortune that he is living on this extremely pleasant planet called Earth. It resounds with life and has abundance of material comforts bestowed by Mother Nature and not found on other planets. Since we as earth denizens enjoy so many comforts and bliss it is our added responsibility to conform to our Creator’s desire. Our Creator/God is very generous at heart and hence by exhibiting our cooperation we must keep intact the great decorum of both the individual and world society at large.

After researching into the position of the sun and solar system great scientists have shown us that the distance between the earth and sun is 0.925 billion miles. If a person counts numbers at a speed of 200 units/minute it will take him 11 months to count 0.925 billion numbers. To do so the condition is that he must not do any other work like eating, sleeping etc. and that whole day and night he must non stop continue counting.

Another scientist has imagined the above number as follows: Suppose our hands become so long in length so as to touch the sun and that as soon as it perceives the sun’s heat the message from the finger’s nerve fibers reach the brain with the same speed this movement will take totally 160 years for the brain to receive the impulse of the finger experiencing a burning sensation. In this manner scientists opine that if sound travels with the same speed as it does so, on planet earth, it will take 14 years for it to reach earth. It means that it will take 160 years for the brain to perceive that the finger has been burnt. Thus scientists opine that if there is an intense sound reverberating on the sun and if this sound travels with the same speed as it does so, on planet earth, it will take 14 years to reach earth.

The sun’s bulky form is also no less wondrous. With reference to this, scientists have gathered some important data. They maintain that the diameter of the sun is 109 times bigger than that of earth. Hence its volume is 109 x 109 x 109 more than that of earth. It is only when 1.30 million earth like planets are put together that a bulky mass comparable to the sun can be created. And yet the density of the sun is less in comparison to that of earth. If we take a ‘ball’ of water similar to the size of earth our earth in comparison to it will be 5.50 times heavier. Further a ‘ball’ of water of the size of sun will be only 1.25 times heavier.

Our planet earth with a diameter of 7900 miles bound to the sun by a force of attraction and hanging in interstellar space moves at a high speed on its axis akin to a top. It takes 23 hours and 53 minutes to complete 1 rotation on its axis as a result of which, day and night get demarcated. Principally we agree with this observation but practically we fail to experience this movement of earth. Therefore we must accept and understand that not everything perceived by our sense organs is the final truth. We must accept those facts which prove to be true on the basis of deep wisdom and discrimination.

Every atom and their units in this gigantic cosmos are on the move ceaselessly. Only where desires and goals become inert/dead will movement cease to occur. If everything in this world is mobile we must realize and recognize the cause and destination of that invisible reality/truth. The earth is not satiated merely by rotating. It is bound to the sun by a force of magnetic pull and hence it dancingly revolves around the sun. Each revolution takes 365.25 days. Since every year the sun takes 1/4th day more for completing a revolution every fourth year is called a leap year wherein the month February has 29 days instead of the normal 28 days.

Next to the sun and ahead of our earth lies the planet Mercury. It is the smallest among 9 planets and has a diameter of 3000 miles. It too revolves around the sun and the distance between them is 36000000 miles. Shall we say it is slightly ‘lethargic’ since it takes 88 days to complete 1 rotation? It means Mercury’s 1 day is equivalent to Earth’s 44 days and 1 night is equivalent to Earth’s 44 nights. This is further equivalent to 528 hours. We humans are used to living in a particular set frame of situations. Thus if we take notice of other kinds of situations too we shall but be curious about such long days and nights. And undoubtedly a day will come when we shall realize that there is a point in this cosmos where neither day nor night exists.

Between Mercury and planet Earth exists another planet called Venus. It is called an inner planet because of it. Venus is too akin too a mass which is mobile. Unlike laymen conservative people shy away from blind traditions. Venus completes 1 rotation on its axis in 30 days and a revolution around the sun takes 225 days of earth. Just imagine how terrible it would be if our earth had 15 x 12 hours as 1 day and 15 x 12 hours as one night. Therefore we as earth’s denizens must realize what an optimal environment has been made for us by Almighty God. He has given us such comforts that our heads will bow down at his feet in gratitude. Certainly it is only a silly minded person who fails to imbibe a vision of the vast greatness of this cosmos simply because he/she is so immersed in petty fleeting desires.

Now let us delve deeper into those areas that exist beyond the periphery of this world. Suppose it is possible to fly against the wind and direction of the sun then at a distance of 49000000 miles away we will find a planet. If we stand 1000 miles above this planet we can see it rotating on its axis. This it does in 24 hours and 37 minutes. That means that it’s day and night are very similar to that of our globe earth. This planet is none other than Mars which takes 687 days to revolve around the sun. After Mars one finds a huge planet called Jupiter. It is so gigantic in size that many Earth like planets can be accommodate in it. It takes 12 long years to revolve around the sun. Therefore it has seasons of summer, winter, spring and rains of 4 years each. Although gigantic in size it moves with great speed and hence its 1 rotation on its axis takes merely 9 hours and 50 minutes. Thus its day and night take 4 hours and 55 minutes each. Its tiny night is very queer in that 12 moons radiate their light on it at one and the same time.

Apart from this glorious solar system and its family members there are other lower planets who incessantly give us an introduction to their seemingly insignificant and tiny size. Sometimes they change their class or sometimes their activities. They experience cleverness while transgressing laws and discipline. And yet in the ultimate sense what have they exactly achieved? They shall have to experience the repercussions of being shattered and ‘deranged’. They become objects of mockery and are categorized as downtrodden. But nature has kept them under control else not only would they destroy themselves but pose problems for others too. Thus although they are given freedom it is up to a certain limit only. A point to ponder over is how badly these minor planets have lost their dignity simply because they have misused the freedom bestowed on them. After falling from pinnacles of glory they now dwell under fallen conditions. If this fact is understood deeply man will only accept dignity of greatness and refuse to lead a downfallen life like these minor planets.

In order to identify minor planets astronomers have given them certain specific numbers. As it is they are very garrulous, unruly and full of mischief. The minor planet Eros (no. 43) is billions of miles away but by revolving round and round it comes quite close to Earth at a distance of 0.150 billion miles.  Echros (no. 15.66) which in the year 1968 had created chaos on Earth is said to possibly bang against our globe. It is such a daring planet that it also circumambulates the extremely hot region between Sun and Mercury.

A planet named Hermes very much like Echros in the year 1937 had given jitters to denizens of Earth. People are wondering as to where it is currently situated. Vestion a dwarfish planet at a distance of 2.2 billion miles from Earth is certainly not at peace. While revolving around the Sun it comes close to Earth up to a distance of 1.2 billion miles. Its one revolution around the Sun takes 3 years whereas it takes 10 hours and 45 minutes to complete 1 rotation around its axis. While rotating another planet Heidelgo exhibits its own pomp. Devoid of fear it enters the atmosphere of Saturn which has 9 moons. The sun too circumambulates itself and protects its individuality. As a mark of respect to its creator Almighty God the sun along with its family members too circumambulate which takes 2.5 billion years. For this it has to move at a speed of 200 miles/sec whereas it rotates on its axis in 25 days 7 hours and 48 minutes.

Not just the sun but that every ball of mass of this vast universe/cosmos is on the move. From all directions we get a message of a life full of activity. The galaxy to which our sun is attached along with other far off galaxies too are going somewhere at a perilous speed of light. From one fcal point the entire cosmos has been created and that itself is the central point of the entire cosmos. Cosmic consciousness very much belongs to it. When the aim of lifeless planets is to have a vision of this cosmic solar consciousness why should not human beings too try and identify and realize it?

Spatial sun and its family members along with other planets and stars attached to it not only spread the brilliant luster of pearls and jewels but also give us an important teaching meant for our day to day life. If we are unable to understand the transcendental/spiritual nature of the sun at least we must imbibe the teachings from its affairs on a daily basis. This teaching revolves around how our life too should be well managed and earmarked. The sun is the lord of the cosmos and hence all planets, stars, galaxies etc revolve around it. From the activities of the sun we can understand what kind of qualities a leader should possess while laying down the path for laymen to follow. No one gets eulogized or praised out of the blue or just for the heck of it. In fact for true eulogies one must imbibe a life of true leadership as symbolized by the lord of our solar system i.e. the sun. If we actually imbibe this teaching deeply we too like a brilliant ball of light can fill our day to day life with success so as to make it legendary.

The Pandavas as depicted in the famous epic of IndiaArticle Submission, Mahabharat suffering from hunger pangs were roaming in the forest accompanied by Draupadi. On the one hand they were incapable of satiating their own hunger and on the other hand they were asked to host the great but angry Rishi Durvasa and his 1000 disciples for a sumptuous meal. This indeed agitated the Pandavas no end. The time of danger was nearing perilously close. At that point Rishi Dhaumya came to their dwelling. Understanding the dire situation the Rishi said: O King! Worship the lord of all lords i.e. Sun God. Sun worship being a trouble shooter gives us not only liberations from all misfortunes that come our way but that fame and glory too become ours. Hence Dharmaraj Yudhishthira and his family commenced solar worship devotedly. Sun God was pleased with Yudhishthira’s devotion and appeared before him. Understanding his inner sentiments Sun God said: O Dharmaraj Yudhishthira! Your desire shall definitely be fulfilled. Saying thus Sun God gave him an Akshaya Paatra (a vessel that never becomes empty). Now the Pandavas regained their joy and zest for life.

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Shriram Sharma Acharya founder of the International Gayatri Family was a great Yogi seer and incarnation of God who wrote volumes of scientific literature mainly on spiritual subjects for world welfare and peace. For more scientific e-books visit: and

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