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Wednesday, June 19, 2019
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The navel center is the nucleus of soul based consciousness. According to Yogic Sciences its function is to attract various powers from  interstellar space and after imbibing them they are sent to all regions of the body. Anatomists may not find it very useful but as far as Yogic Sciences is concerned its utility is there for attaining a long life span.

Yoga scriptures have named the navel (stomach region) as Surya Chakra (solar wheel). Here only that much importance has been given as is given to the atom’s nucleus by scientists or that given to the sun in the solar system. It is quite possible that because anatomists have not understood it aptly it has not been given due importance. And yet for spiritual scientists it holds great attraction eternally. According to great seers of spiritual science first and foremost, human vital force after vibrating from the navel center dashes against the heart region. In the heart and lungs after purifying our blood it helps in smooth blood circulation in the body.

This is a natural activity of the vital force. But when it is conjoined to a strong mental resolve or Sankalpa and also consciousness it becomes more potent. It is like an ordinary stream of wind does not have much power but when packed in a balloon and thrown up into the sky goes upwards and becomes that much more potent. In the same way when after the mind imbibes pure consciousness conjoined to a potent resolve is united with the vital force it gets transformed into spiritual power.

From the modern scientific standpoint too the navel is the source of vital force. During pregnancy the fetus is nourished by the mother’s body. The fetus that commences its life’s journey in the form of a bubble initially continues to grow. That storehouse which is needed for growth and nourishment is imbibed by the child from its mother’s body via the navel. Digested food through mother’s blood is accepted by the fetus and thus its growth continues unhampered. At the time of delivery or parturition the umbilical cord that is cut so as to separate the mother and child is that very door via which the child received nourishment from the mother’s body. During the time span of 9 months the fetus obtained all its growth requirements via the navel.

At birth itself the child while crying moves its hands and feet and thus blood circulation commences. The blood reaches the lungs from the heart and they too commence their respective functions. The first step of independence is achieved by the newborn babe when it inhales air from the atmosphere which then is imbibed by the bodily blood. Now it no longer requires lungs in the form of placenta present previously in the mother’s womb. The bond between the mother and child is snapped by cutting the umbilical cord. The newborn babe starts living its life independently. Since the physical connection with the mother is snapped there is no use of that center. As per the gross viewpoint of medical fraternity the use of the center is transformed into that of a common pit. Through inactive ligaments the navel is attached to the liver. From the standpoint of bodily progress the role of the navel comes to a grinding halt. And yet when ever there is a pressure on the liver the flow of blood augments and these inactive ligaments become active and are seen in the form of Caput Medusis and blown up veins.

The above observations depict one thing that the navel is an active center. During the time span of its utility with its power aids the progress of the fetus. Later it does not become inactive as is believed to be so. Just as the center of the subtle body is the Ajna Chakra (spiritual center/subtle plexus between the eye brows) in the same way the nucleus of the gross body is the navel wheel or Surya Chakra. The symbol of a healthy body is the good health of this center. Due to its potential other nearby parts too get vitalized potently. In the crystal of the navel center is present the 2-fold capacity of give and take. Sound waves in the atmosphere are caught by the crystal of the transistor which in turn converts it to various tunes and tones.

The navel center is the nucleus of soul based consciousness. According to Yogic Sciences its function is to attract various powers from vast interstellar space and after imbibing them they are sent to all parts of the body. Anatomists may not find it very useful but as far as Yogic Sciences is concerned its utility is there for ones long life span. If only its magnetic force is activated through spiritual endeavors/Sadhana like meditation etc with the help of its intense magnetic potential it possesses so much power to bestow boons which in comparison to gross objects are infinitely more.

According to medical specialists surrounding the navel are 9 important inner secreting ganglions. These are those very centers of self propelling ligaments which help in the control and management physical movements, blood circulation, enzymes and other secretions which help in digestion. Lumbar, sacral, cocsegial ganglion and plexus in the form of surrounding fibers control important bodily parts like stomach, spleen, kidneys, liver etc. The gonads which reproduce a new body with their amazing capacity function under the control of these centers. This body of flesh and bones which is a result of all these is no doubt under the control of the Food Sheath but is certainly not a separate sheath by itself. Although invisible there are so many unknown mysteries in the Food Sheath which can be unfolded only via the activation of the Solar Wheel or Surya Chakra.

In the vital body of human beings there are 3 main nerves through which vital force or Prana flows. Their names are Ida, Pingala and Sushumna. Ida represents the Para Sympathetic System or the tranquilizing region. This is the silent, tranquil aspect of human minds/psyches. Pingala represents the Sympathetic Nervous System which is the instigating area. This is the active, extroverted and physical aspect. It is due to the mutual balance of these 2 that all activities are carried out in a well managed way. That energy required for digestion is produced from the flow of these 2 subtle Yogic nerves.

The solar plexus (Surya Chakra) situated subtly behind the navel is the central point from where all the major streams go to various parts of the body. In a certain manner this can be compared to a junction from where many railway lines go in various directions. The good health of the entire body is dependent on the strength of this center. The solar plexus is not only the junction of vital force stream but is also the communication center of the unconscious mind and conscious energy. And yet ordinarily this important center exists in a latent state. Hence not only do laymen not have any knowledge of its potency but they also fail to avail their benefits.

Every Chakra or subtle plexus is related to and influenced by a special principle. In order to activate it one has to concentrate on a special color. For example solar element is predominant in fire. In order to activate it one concentrates ones mind on a yellow colored lotus. In reality the color red, yellow, green, dark purple and white are related to the 7 rays of sunlight. By mere mental concentration in the subtle plexus a special movement occurs in related principles which influence our intellectual nerves and brain. This in turn conjoins our bodily vital force to the cosmic all pervasive vital force and consciousness. Just as when the power of a battery gets exhausted it is recharged using a generator and thus gets energized. Or just as when material required is not there in a small shop, we go to a larger store where storage capacity and availability is ample. In the same way the individual vital force center or Manipur Chakra (solar plexus) attracts energy to itself from this cosmic storehouse of unlimited vital force and makes use of it as and when necessary. Whoever masters this center, experiences that his/her sense organs have been controlled perfectly. It thus gives an introduction to its apt controlled management through various disciplines. These people when compared to laymen are known to successfully accomplish great tasks that are thousand times more gigantic than what laymen achieve.

In order to activate it in the morning at dawn and in the evening at dusk one must meditate deeply. In a sacred and secluded spot or in ones daily worship room one should sit in the lotus posture with the spine erect and then one must take deep breaths 10-20 times for 3-4 minutes. After this execute Naadi Shodhan Pranayama. As a result of this vital force starts circulating in the Sushumna (one of the 3 principle subtle nerves of Hatha Yoga). After tha by keeping the spine absolutely erect Ajapa Gayatri (Soham) should be chanted mentally for 5 minutes while breathing in and out. Later one should be mentally immersed in the meditation of a yellow colored lotus situated on the solar plexus (on the spine) which is behind the navel.

In any concentration the inner sentiment should be that the solar plexus is being activated. The light rays emanating from the yellow lotus are illumining the entire navel center. While losing oneself in the depth of this absorption one should take ones breath slowly, through the stomach, heart and lungs. Along with this spiritual exercise the sentiment should be profound that ‘I am attracting the atoms of good health, comfort, peace, vital force, vigor, success and glories from the infinite storehouse of cosmic nature within my inner being and it is being circulated and stored in the solar plexus for 5-10 minutes. One must deepen this sacred sentiment that ‘My vital force after rising upwards is spreading in all my bodily parts and its divine light too travels there’.

Along with this auto suggestion exhale very slowly and experience the vibration of the vital force in the solar plexus moving upward in the spine. After resting for 1-2 minutes, this same exercise should be repeated 5-10 times. Inhalation and exhalation should be so slow that its sound is not perceived. After repeating the above exercise with joy and zest it is necessary to repeat soul commands with faith and devotion. After regular spiritual exercises for 1-2 months one can actually feel the transformation that has taken place in the body, mind and intellect. In this transformation there is a clear cut experience that the mind and intellect advance based on inner sentiments. After a long period of this sort of a spiritual exercise when the vital force conjoins to cosmic consciousness full of strong resolve or Sankalpa an incessant flow of electro magnetic waves flows in the mind and brain of the spiritual aspirant. This makes the nearby and related areas of an aspirant very potent and effective.

This type of influence of an atmosphere full of magnetic forces and its experience can be felt in the presence of great saints and aspirants of high spiritual stature. Through the above spiritual exercise one establishes a bond between the solar plexus and Anahat Chakra (near the heart) which helps us attain desired help. This in turn helps an aspirant progress speedily who hence eulogizes it greatly.

Indifference to these spiritual exercises means destruction of the immortal principle of the sun situated in the navel. Like a fire cracker that is lit a small amount of amusement can be bought. And yet by performing spiritual exercises and by gathering its power like a honeybee collects honey one can prolifically augment ones own welfare and increase the joy of others too. According to Spiritual science the solar plexus is a valiant, heroic and radiant center of vital power. By meditating on this center this vital force can be stored and directed aptly. As a result its good omens come to us in the form of an increase in Divine Light.


Oh Fallen One! How did you manage to enter? On hearing children of his own age fling taunting insults at him his child like mind started weeping. As an answer to his weeping he got only indifference and disrespect from his school teachers. His heart bled with agony and tears flowed down his cheeks. He had harbored a great desire to attain Rishi-hood but……… On entering his hut he shouted aloud: O Mother! After hugging his aged mother he started crying again. His mother asked why he was crying thus. Between hiccups the child said that everyone thinks Itara is a maid servant and is demeaned. And that heFeature Articles, Itara’s son can never master any Mantra.

Itara said: Oh you are crying merely for this sake. Do you see the Sun God in the sky? He verily is the primeval preceptor cum Lord. You must pray to him and know for sure you shall attain everything. Meditate steadfastly on him. These consoling words of his mother induced a firm determination in the son’s mind and thus started meditating deeply. It later got converted into a trance. The Mantra lit up in the deep recess of his bosom. Tunes of spiritual knowledge started singing aloud in his pure soul. These took form of te erstwhile Upanishads of Vedas. Via solar worship the son of low caste Itara became Brahmarshi Aitereya. The Upanishads that spoke of his Mantras on Self Knowledge were named Aitereya Upanishad. Anyone worshipping Sun God profoundly can become a Brahmarshi.

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Shriram Sharma Acharya founder of the International Gayatri Family was a great Yogi seer and incarnation of God who wrote volumes of scientific literature mainly on spiritual subjects for world welfare and peace. For more scientific e-books visit: and

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