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Sunday, July 5, 2020
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Creation versus Evolution

Evolution appears to be the only feasible way in which everything that exists today came about. Yet God can have started Creation at the Beginning of Times, manifestating Him/Herself in phyical laws, which thereafter deteremined the cause of events. However, such a god cannot be the omiscient and omnipotent God of Abraham. There is an other, much older and first One, not being in conflict with evolution and modern science in general...

The basic problem in this so often returning debate is that the God of Abraham is seen as an omnipotent God, thus one that can do miracles. Such a god would be incompatible with evolution, because such a god would constantly violate his own laws of physics. In fact, one could ask why the laws of physics then do not change, thus as it pleases God at any moment in time? Stronger, why are there physical laws at all? An omnipotent god doesn't "need" any physical laws, cause he can make things happen as they do all the time, just by his will power. Many people believe this more or less and thus deny evolution to be true and instead believe that God has created everything and everyone existing today, controlling it all in detail - God is watching you!

The consequence of this is that you and I exist because God planned it and in as far as science is right about how a baby comes about, it means God actually controlled which sperm of my father, among the millions he ejaculated at the same time, would become me. God then also would have controlled when my parents had intercourse, to get this specific sperm "in place". Not only that, the same He would have had to do with all my ancestors during thousands, if not millions of years, otherwise I never would have come about. The same procedure God would have had to have done with the billions of people, animals and plants living today, to bring about the present individuals. Even for an omnipotent God, this would be more than complicated, to say the least. In fact, it simply is not feasible and most of all in conflict with physical laws, that then would  fill no purpose.

The supporting, attractive idea behind this predestination belief is that it makes us "special". I was chosen by God out of zillions of possible alternatives and thus I must have a God-given task in this life, being the reason why He chose me to be born, instead of my hypothetical brother or sister otherwise. In this line of belief, may I ask what God-given task Adolf Hitler had?

Hence, it is far more feasible that I came about through evolution, an almost infinite number of random events over thousands and zillions of years in the past, that finally resulted in humble me. Had only one tiny little event have been the slightest different from what it was, I would not exist today  As the same is valid for each and one of us, given such tiny changes in the past, the world would be populated by different people than we, by our hypothetical brothers and sisters, who would then have been born instead of us and why should we make a problem of that?

Evolution simply means that everything that exists today, came about by an almost infinite number of subsequent random events during thousands and zillions of years, thus without any direct interference of God. Hence, not even God could have known in the remote past, that I, or any of us would exist today, nor any living individual creature for that matter. Hence God is not omniscient. In consequence, God could not have prevented you and I to exist today either and thus God is not omnipotent (we can't blame God that Hitler was born).

At best we can see a god-creator as a Supreme Being that started it all, say with the Big Bang, created the laws of physics and then let go - evolution had its unpredictable course. However, such a god is not the omniscient and omnipotent god of Abraham and so we can answer the question if God and Darwinism (evolution) can co-exist with NO, as far as the god of Abraham is concerned. If Darwinism is correct, in fact modern science at all, then that god cannot exist, otherwise than in our belief only. Is there an alternative god, not omniscient, not omnipotent, thus one that can exist independent from us?

Actually there is, a genderless, transcendent and all good Supreme Being, incapable of doing harm, by the name of Mazda Ahura, revealed to Mankind by the prophet Zarathushtra around 4000 years ago, a thousand and more years before the Bible came into existence. Zarathushtra founded the religion of Zoroastrianism (by his Greek name Zoroaster), which became a world religion under the Persian Empires, then became wiped out by the Islamic sword and finally became forgotten in the Western World. Nevertheless, much information about it can still be found on the web, but it is confusing, because there are several different faiths within Zoroastrianism, based on historical backgrounds. The original teachings, as brought to us by Zarathushtra, are recovered in Restored Zoroastrianism, a universal religion for all of Mankind.

Most people think that there was no monotheism before the Bible and that it is exclusive and original. Nothing is more wrong.  Zoroastrianism was the first monotheistic religion in history and the later Bible is largely based on ancient Persian beliefs, many of which have Zoroastrian origin, taken over by the Jews in Babylonian exile at the time. Ancient polytheistic Judaism, mixed with the concept of Zoroastrian monotheism and ancient Persian and Aryan deities, created the vengeful God of Abraham and its counterpart Satan in the resulting Bible.

Mazda Ahura, not being about fear, guilt, torment and condemnation, being the God of the Possible, is in consequence co-existent with Darwinism and modern science in general. In my view, this proves that evolution is true and Creation only can have been in the very Beginning, billions of years ago, when the laws of physics came into existence, as a manifestation of God's Nature. In other words, God didn't DO Creation, but IS Creation and as such is incapable of interfering with itFree Reprint Articles, with its mere Self.

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The author is the webmaster of, but is not a Zoroastrian himself. He's an agnostic, who yet  favors Restored Zoroastrianism as the only alternative to Abrahamic religions (which atheism cannot be). By promoting Zoroastrianism, he hopes to contribute to a better world, where no more hate and bloodshed is caused in the name of a man-made vengeful god.  If you feel the same, please support us to spread the Good Religion, to bring it back to the World.

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