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Monday, March 30, 2020
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Metaphysical Energy Channels and Networks

This article discusses the existence of energy channels and networks.  Energy channels conduct the flow of the vital or universal life force.  Energy channels make up a massive network that brings life to the universe.  Without these networks creation would vanish.

Most new age, spiritualist, psychic, metaphysical traditions acknowledge the existence of a life force or universal energy.  I like the term vital life force or vital essence.  I call it a vital life force, because I believe that this energy gives life to the world.  The vital life force is present in all things.  One characteristic of the vital life force is that it moves and flows.  However, it is not free-form energy.  This energy is intelligent and moves with intention.  It has a definite direction.  It flows on invisible “energy networks” much like a large telephone company.  Cellular companies are a better example.  These networks are intricate and fill every available space.  If we could see them, the networks would like giant spider webs, only much more complex.

Much has been said about energy channels in new age literature.  They have been called coordinate points, grid lines, ley lines, etc.  Energy channels are conduits for the vital life force.  They make up the networks.  The vital lifeforce flows through these carefully constructed channels creating the physical world as we know it.  There are countless channels.  Although each channel carries the vital life force, the nature of the energy varies according its purpose.  This has to do with the law of vibration and the law of rhythm which is discussed in The Kybalion by the Three Initiates. 

The vital life force changes its appearance as its frequency changes.  Certain vibrations are grouped together according to the item being sustained.  It’s the rhythm of the vibration that determines the shape and consistency of an object.  Each vibration is unique.  Therefore, every atom is unique, as is every thought.  The vital life force that forms the physical, and nonphysical manifestations of reality flows through the networks.  The structure of these networks is unknown.  I am not a metaphysical engineer, so I cannot comment on the details of this process.

Although we cannot identify the massive energy network that keeps this world plugged in, we can assume it exists.   We can all agree the world seems to have no rhyme or reason at times; howeverFind Article, we live in an orderly universe.  Energy in all its forms works within a marvelous system.  One day we will be able to map those systems.

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David Almeida is a long-time metaphysicist.  He has studied Rosicrucian philosophy and esoteric knowledge for several decades.  David has earned the title of certified hypnotist and Reiki healer.  He is also the author of Illusion of the Body: Introducing the Body Alive Principle -

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