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Saturday, November 28, 2020
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Zombies of the Christian Reich

One of these days I am going to write a ... This story will be titled, “Zombies of the ... Reich.” I am offended by the far right thinking ... that promote the ... idea tha

One of these days I am going to write a screenplay. This story will be titled, “Zombies of the Christian Reich.” I am offended by the far right thinking Christians that promote the ludicrous idea that this is a Christian Nation.

Isn’t that what Nazi Germany was?

Yes, it is true Nazi Germany was a Christian Nation and that is why they killed and imprisoned people who were not Christians (i.e., Jews).

A great movie of great shock value would one titled, “Zombies of the Christian Reich,” The film will be allegorical but horrific. The Christian Reich is a group of Zombies that bite the secular victims and try to persuade rational minded people to accept and promote a belief that is inaccurate and outdated.

Imagine being in a dark theater. The movie screen displaying walking corpses with emblazed Christian crosses on their forehead. The zombies move quickly towards their victims as they mutter Biblical verses and promises of eternal salvation. The victims being people of secular reason and science are struggling to escape the grasp of the evil zombies.

There is a sound of crunching cartilage and bone as a zombie sinks teeth into the neck and shoulder of a victim. Blood sprays and the victim who was a rational and happy human morphs into a dying corpse. A bloody cross is magical etched into the victim’s forehead. The victim becomes a zombie of the Christian Reich and begins to hunt down other victims.

The purpose of the film is to explain what the Christian Reich is attempting to do to our nation. They are taking over.

Humanity has survived into the twenty-first century. Our greatest triumphs have been liberty, science and technology. We have moved beyond the need for an inaccurate and outdated belief system.

The Christian Reich destroys our human progress. Our moralityFree Reprint Articles, spirituality and vision for the future declines as the Christianized media attempts to coerce us into believing in their belief system.

The shock of the film will be to illustrate the message that Christianity is nothing more than a man made religion. There is no special magic or god ordained beliefs. The Christian Reich is using Government and Law to force their beliefs on the citizens in the USA. They use mainstream media to degrade and insult those they oppose. We should do the same by making movies and shows that display the Christian Reich for what they are: A Phantom Menace.

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Larsen Rogers is a social activists and a supporting member of American Free Thinkers Association in New York City, New York.

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