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Saturday, February 16, 2019
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Is Online Furniture Shopping really benefiting us today?

Shopping for furniture has never been an easy task! What about shopping furniture online? While it provides some kind of convenience, is it really benefiting us?

In today's economy, e-commence has been a growing virtual market and it is replacing our traditional way of buying and selling where buyer and seller were tied into one physical place to make the transaction. To illustrate, just imagine you are living in 1996 and one Saturday night you are thinking of getting a bed for your bedroom. What can you do then? You will be lucky if all the local furniture store still open on Sunday and you don't have to work full time from Monday to Friday so that you will have time to scour as many furniture store as possible for the suitable piece you need. Let's say you are very lucky and thus you do have the time to scour all the furniture store in your local area. But what if there is only 1 or 2 stores that is near your house and probably there is one furniture store that is 5000km away where it has the perfect piece you need?

You won't have this kind of worry nowadays unless you do not know how to use a computer or you are too lazy to ask a person who had a lot of online shopping experience to check it out for you. So when we realize we need a furniture on Saturday, we can power up our magic computer and google a “furniture store” or just bid one on eBay, you will be able to choose a piece that is from anywhere in the world. Then you can just sit at home and be a little bit patient waiting your dream furniture delivered to your home. Isn't that great? I would say it is amazing! Put in one word, we get the widest selection along with the most convenience by shopping with just a few clicks. Wait, I am not here to make you happy, but instead I am here to raise concerns for our potential online furniture shoppers.

Let's face some real problems here. Buying furniture is and will never be an easy decision to make. How do we know whether the furniture we choose online will perfectly fits into our room? Tons of online merchants claim that they have a wide selection of finishes and styles. But how on the earth would I know whether a contemporary bed with a Cappuccino finish or a transitional bed with a Maple finish will fit into my room or my house better? We usually see some really stunning image on these online shopping sites. But when we get the furniture home, it is more likely that is does not looks as good as we saw it on the web. You might find the style and size does not fit into your room or even the finish looks different from the image you saw online. What makes it worse is that nobody can ensure the items shipped to your home will come safely without any damages or scratches.

Facing all the potential risks of buying furniture online, do you still think you would prefer buying your dream furniture online without actually looking and sensing it first? Or maybe you still prefer the convenience than anything else? Wouldn't it be better if we can find a way that combines the advantage of traditional way of buying where we have the opportunity of actually viewing the item in person and online-shopping where we can enjoy a wide selection with a great convenience? Wholesale Furniture Brokers differs itself from its online competitors by operating in partnership with 40 outlets in US so that you can actually drive to your local outlet after viewing your desired item online. The manager in each outlet will help you with his or her professional expertise. You will get the chance of actually touching and sensing the furniture in person before placing the order. If your preferred item is not in your local store, no worriesArticle Submission, Wholesale Furniture Brokers will have your desired item delivered to your local store and you can pick it up for free.

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